22 September 2014

Color Monday: Episode France

Your vintage palettes were some kind of gorgeous!

Kirsten's daughter's formal palette was adorable, and the colors were so pretty:

And Miss Stacey - LOVE the jars!

And now, France. I really want to visit France. Bread, pastries, the Eiffel Tower, cheese, more bread, the Seine, more pastries, chocolate. Fields of lavender:

Followed by more pastries:

What about you? Are you a Francophile? Even if you aren't there are some gorgeous color palettes out there. So find your French picture, build a palette, blog it, share it! Tres simple!

Just FYI, the linky party is open all week, so there's no rush. Do it when you can. And next week will be brown. Seriously. It's going to be fun. Promise. 

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