15 September 2014

Color Monday: Episode Vintage

Since I skipped a week, I thought I'd reintroduce the whole concept here.

Every Monday (or nearly every Monday), I host a link up party with a theme. We've worked our way through the rainbow, and are doing some interpretive themes these days. All you have to do is find a picture that fits the theme, upload it to the Palette Builder over at Play Crafts. Choose your palette (you can move the dots around to switch it up, as well as add more color dots by pressing the green + button), save it, blog it and share it. It's that easy, and so fun. I've got some challenges coming up, and some giveaways too, so play along.

Thank you for your forgiveness on the Frozen takeover last time. I seriously couldn't help myself.

And you did great with Disney!

I love that Kirsten went classic with Dumbo:

And Kate chose one of my all time favorites (with some awesome high school memories associated with this movie - yes, I was in high school when The Lion King came out):

Miss Stacey went with the food at Disneyland, which I loved. I had no idea there were Minnie Mouse candy apples. Or they look like candy apples anyway. Maybe they are cake pops. Either way, they are darling!

Now, for vintage. I like vintage things. I love vintage clothes. I love avocado kitchens (to look at, not live with). And I like the vintage Pyrex. I don't collect it. I'm not cool enough for that. I actually don't collect anything. I'm not one for things that aren't supposed to be used, just looked at.

I digress.

Here's my vintage picture:

I think this would make for a cool Nordic style quilt. Some big star blocks? No? And Kona Meringue is quickly becoming a new favorite. Along with Ice Frappe.

Now, for yours. What will you choose? 30s fabrics? A gorgeous Audrey Hepburn dress?

Have fun! And next week, the theme is France. Anything Frenchy is fair game! Enjoy!

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  1. Really love the pretty colours in those vintage pyrex dishes!


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