12 December 2014

Friday Finish: T-Shirt Quilt!

Don't forget to enter the gift certificate and pattern giveaways! Today is the last day!

I offered to make a t-shirt quilt for my aunt. She has lots and lots of t-shirts from her travels, and I thought it might be a fun way to hang onto them.

I just went with a basic grid layout. Did my research a bit and just went with it. It all worked out really well.

Quilted it all over with swirly loops, and bound with a black polka dots. I did quilt the names of their fuzzy friends into the sashing: Captain Morgan (who is not doing well right now), Sweetie, Luigi, Geena Davis, Freya, and Squirrelly Bee.

The backing I love, more than every other backing I've found before. It's so perfect for these travelers - they really do fly all over the world. Headed to Panama after Christmas! So this one is headed out early so they get it well before Christmas.

One gift done, a gazillion to go! Which reminds me - come back next Monday for my Santa's Sweatshop Linky Party. It's going to be open until the 26th of December, and you can link up all your gifts. I've got a bunch of fabulous prizes (gift certificates, fabric, patterns) from fabulous sponsors (Westwood Acres, FQS, and Red Chair Quilts, to name a few).

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  1. Very nice! I am making a tshirt quilt for my nephew's high school graduation. I hope mine turns out just as nice.

  2. oooo! Yes - what a fantastic backing. The straight up grid is prefect for this group of T-shirts. Everything looks so nice. :)

  3. Oh my Jennie! The front of the quilt is very well done and I know that is no easy thing with t-shirts! The backing you found makes the whole thing Fabulous! And the way you added in their pets' names makes it even more precious! They are sure to cherish this wonderful quilt!

  4. I think it worked out beautifully! Great job, your aunt is going to love it :)

  5. This looks great! I have one to do as well, it will be my first. Great backing!

  6. What a lucky aunt. It looks great! I like your sashing fabric, and can't get over how perfect the backing is.

  7. This is going to knock her socks off! Such a fun quilt. Love the quilting and that wonderful print for the backing. Who wouldn't be thrilled to receive this beautiful gift?!!!

  8. What a great project and a fun coincidence--I also did a t-shirt quilt for a machine quilting customer this week. Aren't they fun? Thank you for sharing at KISMIF--Shannon


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