11 November 2015

Wednesday Finish: Christmas Tree Mini

There are times when things just turn out spectacularly well. And this mini is one of them. Being ever so humble. But I love this wall hanging. I want one for my house.

I used this O Christmas Tree quilt pattern and it's just gorgeous. I used some Solstice scraps, plus a charm pack. It went together really quickly, and I backed it with some cocoa cups.

Winging it's way to my swap partner, and checking this gorgeous girl off the 4QFAL list.


  1. wooowww! you're so right being so humble! lol. It's incredibly beautiful. I just want to COPY it. Adorable in every single way. xx

  2. This is a great use of triangles. I love it.

  3. Your Christmas tree is awesome! Also I love backing of a quilt) Cups with tea look so cozy) Writers at http://www.essayservice.info/ say it is lovely thing!

  4. Really sweet, I will have to check out that link!

  5. It's so sweet. I'd love to make one myself. Your colours are fantastic.

  6. I'm not going to lie... I'm seriously jealous of your partner right now. This is one of my faves from that swap!


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