25 January 2016

Make-A-List Monday: Progress!

I did much better last week! Might have been because I didn't have any doctors' appointments. Might be I had a bit more energy. My personal exercise goal is to make it to at least 4 yoga classes per week. Last week, I went to 5. Did the same the week before. So I'm feel flexible and working on my arm balances (working is the key word!).

But let's talk progress:
  • Sew Valentine's Pillows
  • Cut fabric for new quilt patterns - DONE! And blocks sewn!
  • Cut Feed Co. Weekender stuff - 
  • Work on Valentine's Mini

And so, with that progress, it's time to make plans for this week!
  • Sew Feed Co. Weekender
  • Finish Valentine's Mini
  • Quilt and bind Posy Jewel Box, Flower Maxi and Mama Said Sew D4
  • Trim Marmalade Lucky HSTs (taking those ones to Utah with us so I have something to do when we're not out and about)
And that's all! 

Time for some color? I'm going to feature my new favorite thing: yoga. Now, I'm not great at it. I'm pretty new. But I love it. With my current medical issues, it's the best thing for me. And before you dismiss it as stretching and breathing (which is a part), please know that there are different types. I've been doing Vinyasa Yoga, which is more of a power yoga. Very physical. Very challenging. It makes me sweat, so that's saying something. And I love it. I love challenging myself each time. I can't wait until I can pull of some crazy-fun arm balances. Until then, it's great for me.

Okay. Off the yogi-soap-box. Although I'm becoming obsessed with cool yoga leggings!

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