25 December 2017

Make-A-List Monday: Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas friends!

I realized I truly missed writing these blog posts, and I've vowed to change that today. My children are building Lego spaceships and treehouses, so I'm going to blog my to-do list.

I'm headed to my brother's house for a 10 day visit, so I'm packing up some projects to get done while I'm there. Here's what's on my plate:

  • Tulip Quilt A Long - cutting fabric and starting blocks
  • Autumn Shortcake Quilt - this one is massive, but it's a chain piecer, so it's going pretty quickly
  • FQS Cake Mix project
  • FQS Spelling Bee Saturday - my post is this coming Saturday!
  • Weekender bags need finishing before I go
  • Sew the borders on my Flurry Taffy quilt
  • Buy clearance flannel flat sheets for quilt backs!
That last one. Genius. Read about it somewhere and that's totally happening.

What are you doing this week? Sewing-wise, anyway? I'm also taking my kids to see the Zoo Lights tomorrow night, and then to a model train show Wednesday. Also a Lego building thing. Busy busy time!


  1. I was just wondering if you could make a way to follow your blog via email. That is how I follow other blogs.

    Thanks in advance for considering this request.

  2. Neat to hear you use flannel sheets for backings. Some folks would NEVER do that! I have and love the softness. Do you select only 100% cotton flannel sheets, or maybe you find a blend? Just wondering....
    Looking forward to the Tiptoe Tulip Quilt Along. It's so cute, and I do like those tulip blocks!

    Jonnie in SC


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