08 January 2018

Tiptoe Quilt Along Week One

Happy Monday! I like the idea of a good something to look forward to on a Monday morning. Not that Mondays are particularly any different than other days, but they do have that stigma, don't they?

Anyway, today is the day to start showing off your fabric pull. Here's mine:

Yes. It's not scrappy. Baby steps my friends. I'm actually using a gray background (by the way, do you write grey or gray? I lean towards grey most days) instead of white. That's a big deal for me! I'm using a FQ Bundle of First Romance. So excited - wish there was more yellow, but I just might add in some to keep myself happy.

I did make a scrappy test block. Well, scrappy for me.

Here's a list of what you're going to need for the five different sizes. Wait, five? Yes, five. I've added a table runner to the list, for those who are interested in something simple.

1 FQ will make two tulips. If you prefer to use scraps, you'll need one 5" strip of fabric for each tulip top and one 3-1/2" strip of fabric for the leaves/stem. Background, figure about 1 FQ per tulip. But I'll get exact stuff up later today. Promise.

(I have a houseful of sick kiddos, so I'm still working out the math for the yardage! So sorry!)

And here is the link for the link up party. Even if you're trying to decide between all one color scrappiness, or a mixed field, share what you've got and we'll help you!

This linky list is not open yet. It will open for new entries in 12 hrs, 55 min (1/8/2018 12:01 AM North America - Pacific Standard Time)


  1. Beautiful fabrics for a fabulous project! I am tempted to join you, but I have so many UFOs and unopened kits I need to concentrate on. I hope all your sickies get better soon.

  2. Hi, How big are these blocks? I was trying to figure it out and by the quilt measurements the blocks are quite large. They are very cute.

    1. Hi Kathy - they are 12x18" finished. Yes, I'm a fan of quite large blocks. I'm thinking of doing a smaller version for a cushion.

  3. Hi Jennie,
    Are the kids feeling better? and yourself? The flu can be reccuring !
    Looking forward to your tiptoe quilt along!
    Take care,


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