28 May 2018

Make-A-List Monday: Bag week

I was actually productive last week. I mean, I think I always am, but I was productive with sewing projects this time around.

Here's what I finished:

  • Glamping Big Hexies quilt
  • Harvest Open Season quilt
  • 2 dresses for my youngest daugheter - just need buttonholes and buttons!
  • Train Tracks flimsy
  • 1 laundry bag
Plus some progress on a few other things. On to this week's list! And it's all about bags and zippers and small stuff!
  • Sew 2 Ultimate Art Organizers for my youngest and her bestie
  • Sew a church bag for my eldest child - she's finally decided on her fabric! I used the dragon scales fabric to make her a laundry bag.
  • Sew a snappy mani pouch for one of my girls at church
  • Finish Backyard Bugs flimsy
  • Cut and sew binding for 3 quilts
  • Sew train case for my eldest child
  • Cut wallets for my 3 youngest kids
That's not too much, is it? :)

And now for a pretty picture. I'm thinking of writing up one of these as my next pattern. Or should I just write them all up? I'm pretty partial to the pinwheel quilt, and the on point boxes. I can't decide!


  1. I'd do one of the later two just to avoid squabbles with territorial quilters over the strawberry since I've seen similar (without the pieced inner blocks) on social media. I'm thinking of situations like: https://www.instagram.com/p/BjQf_1tjDRz/?taken-by=mamasan_gerber

    1. Interesting thoughts. Only I was going to make one big strawberry quilt , so would that step on toes? Honestly, we're getting far too sensitive. I'd gladly mention who inspired me, but the idea of the giant strawberry with the pieced inner blocks is mine, as far as I can find.

      But I do like the last two anyway.

      Thanks for your input!

    2. Go for it!! If it was me who inspired you, I'd be pleased. No territories here.

  2. I love them all and would LOVE to make the Giant Strawberry design!! yes, too many are saying this person copied this person etc etc. This is your take on making a strawberry quilt, so please do. I would love to buy the pattern. Happy Sewing from Iowa

  3. Your strawberry is too cute! I've seen (and bought) a few strawberry patterns lately, but I have not seen one like this. You should write it up. If it's too close to your original inspiration, then you would probably be better off writing it up as a free tutorial with design inspiration to the original designer, but honestly, I have not seen anything like this on the interwebs. Good luck!

  4. I would like to see a photo of your completed Glamping Big Hexies quilt!

  5. I have lots of red scraps that would look great in a strawberry quilt. I'd love to see it as a tutorial!


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