03 December 2011

My Bucket List

I was reading Amanda Jean's blog the other day and I got to thinking about my own quilting bucket list. It's been such an adventure, learning to piece quilts, but there are still a couple that I want to mark off my list.

  1. Double Wedding Ring - I'm just waiting for the right fabric for this one. I've even got the Accuquilt dies for it, so I don't have to be afraid of the cutting.
  2. Dresden Plate, like this one - I just bought the entire line of Pam Kitty Morning in fat quarter bundles for this project. I just need to wrap up several other projects so I can take this one on.
  3. Trip Around the World - saw a gorgeous one over on Twin Fibers and now I'm inspired.
  4. Hexagons - yes, I'm completely behind the trends, but I love the look of them and want to try them out.
  5. Rob Peter to Pay Paul - I'll get the accuquilt dies for this one as well - no sense in stressing over those curves!
  6. Double Irish Chain - a scrappy one. I made a yellow, blue and white one WAY back in the day. My very first quilt. Now I want a scrappy one.
That's it for now - not bad. What's on your quilting bucket list?

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