19 March 2012

I'm beginning to think a lot about Christmas . . .

(sung to the tune of "It's Beginning to look a lot like Christmas")

Just me?

Crazy, you say?

Here's crazy for you:

My baby girl turns one in mid-October this year.

My oldest wants to be a macaw for Halloween. Yeah, won't be finding that costume at Walmart this year. She was Abigail Adams last year.

My three oldest have birthdays within four days of each other in the first week of November. My oldest shares her birthday with one of my nephews.

My niece's birthday is two days before Christmas. Her brother's birthday is the first week of January.

So I like to get a head start, because it's a slippery slope once October hits. I'm determined to enjoy my holidays this year, not stress over sewing. And there are so many fun projects to make!

I want to make one of these for my kids to play with so they'll leave my tree alone. Wishful thinking, I know. But it might work!

It's been love at first sight with this tree skirt. I must have one. I don't have a tree skirt. We've been putting the tree on top of this red plaid tablecloth for the last couple of years. It's awful. I WILL have a tree skirt this year, and it will be this one!

My kids love animals. My oldest girl is not a dolly kinda girl, but she does love whales. Now, if this were an orca, she'd be the happiest girl. But a regular whale will do in a pinch. I won't be able to make just one, either. We'll need a whole slew of them.

Source: etsy.com via Jennie on Pinterest

My littlest guy loves Superman. His favorite toy is a little Superman action figure that came with a Happy Meal a year ago. LOVES that little toy. So I thought he might like a cape of his own this year.

Some of the awesome ladies in my life might get these - it's a vintage roll holder. I think it's a pretty unique way to keep rolls warm.

My niece might like this pillow for her room.

I want one of these! It's a travel case for your curling iron/flat iron. It's insulated, so you can fix your hair, pack up and go. Because let's face it, you're probably doing your hair last minute and your curling iron is hot.

Might make one of these for my baby girl. Who wouldn't want a giraffe?

Great for all the little school kids to keep pencils in.

Ruffly kitchen towels. Love them.

A tortilla warmer/keeper. For my taco loving family.

Macaron coin purse. I've got a few on my list who would love these.

Library bag. With a pocket on the strap for your library card. Genius.

My youngest nephew is totally getting one of these dinosaur tails for Christmas. I made four of them for my kids last Christmas and they are awesome!

Because every bottle of dish soap deserves an apron . . .

And stuffed animals need their own sleeping bags.

I might even have a Christmas crafting playlist on my computer. Might. You never know.

So, are you thinking about Christmas gifts already?

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  1. Wow! You are on the ball! I know I should be thinking about Christmas, but I'm honestly still detoxing from Christmas last year! It's a vicious cirlce for me (one of many in my life, unfortunately!). Great gift ideas!


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