28 June 2012

Friday Finish, the early edition!

I realized that each of these quilts has to have it's own post, so I'll be posting three days in a row. Because this girl got 'er done! Here is the third quilt I've finished for the 2nd quarter finish-along.

I give you the Orange Dream On Jelly-Filled quilt. This one is a birthday present for a lovely aunt. In October.

Do you like all the clover in my yard? I'd like to think we're a bee-friendly family. And while I can manage to get a few minutes here and there to sew throughout the day, I can't exactly do the same with the lawn. Oh well. The bees are happy, even if my neighbors look on the lawn with disgust. I'm over it.

 That would be my favorite block right there.

And I love the binding. Wish I had more so I could use it for my string quilt. If ya see it, clue me in because it is impossible to find!

There ya go. Tune in tomorrow for another one. And then Saturday. And then I'm on vacation, because my husband will be home and I will be one happy girl!


  1. It's super cute! I love this fabric collection. I wish the lines didn't come and go so quickly. =(

  2. That's beautiful!! Gorgeous fabric. And hey, the more flowers on your lawn, the less you need to plant around it, right?! :)

    PS - I got to be lucky follower #100! Can't wait to see what you come up with :)

  3. Very nice! You are a busy girl! How exciting it will be to have your husband home :)

  4. Great job! It's beautiful!

  5. I love this - so beautiful and I agree that hte binding is fab!! I only ended up with a charm pack of dream on and I wish I had more!

  6. Lovely quilt and finished so far ahead of time! Great job!


  7. Such fresh, fun colors and this looks so cuddly! Do you quilt it yourself and if so, on a regular machine?


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