29 June 2012

Friday Finish, the Friday edition

I know, I have crazy title writing skills, right?

Okay, here is quilt two of the three I finished this week. All part of my goals for the Finish-Along.

I know I might have whined a little about piecing that quilt back, but it turned out so cute. I just might do this whole pieced back thing again. I quilted it with a meandering loop. I can't seem to do a stipple. My brain wants to loop it, so I loop it. Guess I'm loopy (not a surprise, really).

My big question is this: would this make an acceptable baby quilt? I have a friend who is having her sixth little girl. I'm pretty sure she doesn't need more baby-sized blankets, but this one she could grow up with. It would fit a toddler bed too.

Linking up this one. I'll have one more tomorrow.

And now I have to go get beautiful. My man is coming home tonight!


  1. That looks so fresh! I'm sure it would be a wonderful gift for a baby, something they will cherish as they grow.

  2. Definitely for a baby!! Could be a playmat before fitting her toddler bed :) I love the pieced back - looks fiddly but so effective! And I love those pinwheels - they actually look like real pinwheels!

  3. Wonderful gift for a baby girl!

  4. I make bigger-than-a-baby-quilt baby quilts often. I like that they are big enough for the little one to use in her first apartment when she grows up (or, same for male child).
    I really like this quilt! Refreshing and colorful.

  5. A perfect gift! I can't imagine anyone who wouldn't love to receive that. And the back came out amazing!

  6. As a mom of six YES!!!!! I think it's a fabulous size and that she'll love a quilt that grows with her baby since she already has plenty of blankets and quilts to cover her needs.

  7. What a gorgeous quilt! Yes, I think the mother would be ecstatic over it for her little girl. But if you change your mind, I can send you my address :-)

  8. Oh, absolutely that would make a great baby gift! And I love your pieced back - they are time consuming but so worth it!!! Whoop whoop!!

  9. I think this would be a super baby quilt. By the time you have your sixth baby, I can't imagine wanting any tiny "babyish" quilts. This quilt is bright, reversible and fun. What more could anyone want. It makes me wish I was that baby.


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