30 June 2012

Final finish for June

I do love that you can schedule blog posts. Shhhh. It's really not Saturday. It's really Friday night, but I'm waiting for my sweetie to get home and I figured I'd get this post done.

More loopy meandering. The last of my Dream On fabric.

Of the eight quilts I wanted to finish in the 2nd quarter, this is the fifth. I would have made it to six had I quilted my massive string quilt, but I needed batting for that one. I'm getting stocked up in July, as Jo-Ann's is having a sale plus I can score an extra 20% off if I drag my husband and his student ID with me. It sometimes pays to be students.

Have a great weekend and a great 4th of July (if you're a Yank - if not, well, have a good Wednesday next week!).

1 comment:

  1. this is gorgeous. i love the dream on fabric...and the way you used the white in this quilt is so cool and fun.


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