04 June 2012

Make-A-List Monday Week 9: time for a vacation!

I promise, no complaints about single momhood.

I drowned those with a Dr. Pepper yesterday. The enemy was slaughtered.

How was last week? Mine was okay, although I think I forgot mid-week what my plans actually were and started working on whatever struck my fancy. Or had the soonest deadline.

Charms cut - check! Shipping those out this week when I feel brave enough to go to the post office with five kids, one of whom is two and exceptional at acting his age. Like, tantrums on the floor in the middle of the library. Super fun.

Quilt - finished! And since someone said they'd love to see all my red/aqua quilts together, i was determined to get some pictures.

Can I say that, today, I love where I live? Love the wheat fields in spring/early summer. Love the blue sky today.

I sewed together this stack o' lovelies for a quilt for our friends who are graciously hosting my husband for the summer. Did I mention she just had a baby? Her sixth baby? Like a month ago? Yeah, awesome people.

I ordered some of Lucy's Crabshack because, well, it's adorable. And the foodie side of me thought that it would be perfect for the Thimbleblossom pattern Piece of Cake 3. Crab cakes! And since I have a tendency to buy fabric and put it away and forget what it was intended for later, I went ahead and cut it. So my Crab Cakes quilt is ready to be pieced.

My daughter's backpack is cut out and I'm starting to sew it this week. My local JoAnn's is lacking in certain notions (seriously, it's what I don't love about where I live), so I'm getting what I need when I go to visit my mom. Because I get a vacation!

Okay, it's not a vacation. It's a change of scenery. I will still have five kids. But I will have grown-ups to talk to in the evenings. And I get to spend half the day on Thursday with one of my dearest friends. And I get to see my husband. For 2 whole days! And we're going to a combine demolition derby on Saturday. My six-year-old is so excited - crashing tractors, what could be better!

So, my list this week is short, because I'll be packing and cleaning and getting ready to go.

  • Sew as much of daughter's backpack as possible - until I get the notions I need and get home 
  • Ship charm swaps and giveaway prizes (sorry winners - they are coming soon!)
  • Clean the sewing room
I might take something to my mom's to work on as well. She has a machine with some decorative stitches and I don't, so I might take advantage of that. We'll see.

What's on your list this week?


  1. I LOVE every one of your red/aqua quilts!! I also adore the Lucy's Crab Shack fabric and haven't yet decided what to make with it. You "crab cakes" idea ia clever ;-)

  2. Yum! Crab cakes! Too cute! I'm making a bag with Lucy's Crab Shack fabrics right now. Love that fabric :)

  3. Have fun! Sounds busy but fun. My husband worked shift work while our babies were all born. Nights, holidays, weekends. The only grown up thing is work. Its nice knowing its not just me who thinks so. Drink all the dr pepper you need! I got through with little debbie.
    Love the red and aqua quilts. And you are officially famous for the red gingham binding in my head too.
    And kudos on the post office with kiddos. Until someone tries it they just don't understand.


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