28 July 2012

Decision, Decisions

I am horrible at making decisions.


I'm glad the ones I do make and stick with (my husband, my kids) are great ones. You'd think I'd get better but I don't.

Especially when it comes to fabric things.

Here we go - I decided to procrastinate doing something else and cut a few circles using my new circle die for my Go! cutter.

All along, I thought I would be doing scrappy circles along with my scrappy Dresdens.

But it feels too busy for me. I'm already planning a pretty busy sashing and setting squares, so I don't want to over-do it.

So then I thought, okay, plain white. Or a white on white tonal.

But that felt too bleh for me.

So then I thought, what about a small polka dot (all of these fabrics, by the way, are from Pam Kitty Morning).

I like. A lot.

I realized while writing this post that what I really sound like is Goldilocks. Too busy. Too bleh. Just right.

But the real question is, do I stick with the yellow dots or go with red dots?

See, I can't make decisions!

But I can host a fabric swap over on flickr - yellow and aqua charms, if you're interested. One yard of each. Come join the fun!


  1. I agree, the blue gingham is too busy, but the white is too plain.I think I would go with the red dots. They yellow dots are pretty, but at any distance, will seem white. Another choice would be a plain or tonal in one softer colors - pink, yellow, the lighter green, light blue.

  2. I agree, I would use red dots instead too. Even though I personally love the blue gingham :) But since it didn't work for you, go with the red. The yellow is cute, but doesn't add a punch. Just sayin' since you asked :)) Thanks for sharing your dilemma, I'm glad I'm not the only one out there with decision problems :))

  3. Red dots! I totally agree with the others. That would be a great center.

  4. I adore your dresdens!! Red dots would be my choice, although, I do like the gingham. =)

  5. I LOVE THE BLUE GINGHAM!!! You know that yellow dot is my favorite. I think if you're appliquing them on white a color would be cutes otherwise the white might look like holes in the center? I don't know , they're all cute options! Love them!


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