30 July 2012

Make-A-List Monday: pre-vacation projects

We're planning a trip to Boise next week, I think (how's that for planning?), so I've got some projects I want to get done before then.

Oh, but first my list for last week.
  1.  Press Cowgirl HSTs. Done, even with a little lady who likes to grab me by the legs and not let go. Makes it easy to stay in one place for a long long time!
  2. Clip dog-ears off HSTs. A few "I Love Lucy" re-runs and I finished this one too. It's good to keep the goals smallish, right?
  3. Sew together Cowgirl pinwheels.Um, this is halfway done. I need to press the seams on the first half, then finish the whole pinwheel blocks.
As for this week, Here's what I've got planned:
  1.  Stitch together those Cowgirl pinwheels.
  2. Trace Halloween stitchery #3 (because I finished #2 last night - see it up there? - wahoo!).
  3. Finish stitchery #3.
  4. Make template for Cowgirl pinwheels and start trimming blocks.

There we go. It's our last week of swimming lessons, and life is always crazy busy, but let's see what I can get done, shall we? My husband is still home and has promised me some sewing time, so maybe I'll finish more than I plan. Not holding my breath - this rarely happens!

What's on your list this week? 


  1. This past weekend I bit the bullet and started my first string quilt. My kids have been taking turns "helping" me select which fabric went next. As of tonight I have 24, 12" blocks completed. I think I'm going to shoot for 42 total, so I'd like to get as many as I can done this week before I lose steam.

  2. I just finished my first quilt!! It was for my son's birthday so it is a construction/vehicle explosion, but I'm so proud of it and he wanted to sleep with it tonight. :) This week I'd like to do some sewing for my shop. Lots of ideas, zero time.


"The more things you do, the more you can do."

Lucille Ball