16 July 2012

Make-A-List Monday: the end is in sight!

My single mom gig is almost over! This time next week, I'll be blogging with my man in the house once more. Heck, I'll be happy just to have him in the same state!

And it's our anniversary this week (11 years!) and there's a present coming my way. I'm wondering what he came up with, because we have a tough time shopping for each other. We both have very specific hobbies and we usually end up giving each other gift cards rather than run the risk of buying the wrong thing.

Okay, enough about that. Surveys say that mushy love stuff does not make good blog content. I'd have to agree.

Here's my list from last week:
  1. Piece Hall of Fame triangle quilt top. DONE!
  2. Finish a library bag for my 4-year-old. Um, forgot this one.
  3. Cut and sew swim bags for my oldest four kids. Nixed this one. They don't need them.
  4. Cut out Twirl Hopscotch quilt. Didn't get to it. Cut something else instead.
  5. Have a sew/cut day with my buddy Alisha (while our collective nine children play in the very small pool in my backyard). Rocked this one. Doing it again this week.
  6. If Hall of Fame top gets pieced, baste it. Sure wish this one were done, but waiting on 1 more yard o' fabric.
  7. If Hall of Fame gets basted, start quilting. See #6.
Wow. I thought I was super productive! But wait - I did finish basting, quilting and binding a quilt (reveal on Friday - sorry for the tease). It takes time to take awesome photos like I do.

While I wait for that fabric to arrive, I just can't sit and twiddle my thumbs, so I'm playing with the scraps from the triangle quilt I just finished.

See? I used my Go! Cutter to cut out HSTs (really little ones) and I'm thinking a throw pillow is in order. Or a doll quilt. We'll see.

As for this week:
  1.  Piece back for Hall of Fame quilt.
  2. Baste, quilt and bind Hall of Fame quilt.
  3.  Play with HSTs.
In non-sewing to-do list, I've got to pack six people up for a weekend in Seattle. I get to have breakfast at my favorite bakery in the entire world. And dinner at an amazing Chinese place.

Sigh. I miss Seattle.

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  1. I am very happy for you to have your household back in one piece. I never had to do the single mom thing but I did do the "I really do have a husband. Really!" thing because my husband used to work on cargo ships for 4 months at a time. It is really hard to be apart, and so good to get back together.

    Good work on the projects you finished and good luck on the coming week's! My to-do list is overflowing.


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