14 July 2012

This is what happens . . .

. . . when big dorks like me don't order enough fabric for the quilt they are wanting to have done by Wednesday night. This coming Wednesday night.

Here's hoping the peeps at the Fat Quarter Shop can get it here in time. As it is, I don't think we're leaving a day early anymore. I'm going to need every last second to get that Hall of Fame quilt done.

And before you ask:

  1. I dug through my stash. I've got nothing that would go well with the print I've got for the back. And no scraps.
  2. I'll have all the pieces cut so when that one lone yard o' fabric arrives, I can whip that back together and get to basting. 
  3. The binding is all ready to go as well.
 In the meantime, I basted and starting quilting this one:

Makes me happy to get to steal five or ten minutes here or there to stitch a row.

I'll keep ya posted on my Hall of Fame quilt!


  1. Aw, man, I do stuff like that all the time! I'm sorry you're slowed down but the one you're working on now looks great!

  2. How frustrating :(. Lucky you are able to order more, even if it delays the finish. I'm working on piecing a back with older fabric that is no longer available, only to realize that I don't have quite enough!! Love the one you are quilting...can't wait to see both finishes!!


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