17 July 2012

Fabric Tuesday: The case of the missing corner

Happy July 17th!

I woke up to a lovely e-mail from my husband for our anniversary. The day was going well. We were early for swimming lessons.

Then I dropped my phone at the pool. Cracked the screen to heck and back. It still functions, for now.

Lucky me, I married a man who can fix things. So he's ordered a new screen and it will get here Monday. Until then, my phone is uber-fragile (you must say it in Italian).

But my day got better again when I checked the mail. Guess I can't say I never win anything, because I actually won something. Two something. This is the first something:

I won Randi's fat eighth tuesday a couple of weeks ago and it arrived today. I think it was meant to happen.

Now, what to make with it??? Cute  little zipper pouches? A scrappy camera strap? A doll quilt? A pillow?

And I'm still waiting for my fabric to arrive from Texas so I can finish that Hall of Fame quilt. So here's what I've been playing with:

They aren't perfect and I don't much care. They were just some random scraps. Just wanted to play around and make a pillow or something. While I was playing around, something went missing:

I suspect it's my little sticky fingers Caroline. She's not talking though.

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  1. Italian. Crack. me. up. Great reference, says the woman married to the man with the nottafinga hat.

    Yay for winning things, especially fabric. The new layout looks great. And guess what? I quilted something today. It's not big, but it's straight and flat and has real binding. It will be on the blog tomorrow. :)

    Happy anniversary!

  2. I am so sorry about your phone! I would be having a conniption fit.

    Great fabric win! Love the elephants. =)


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