28 August 2012

Fabric Tuesday: first finish of the week

And thus begins the parade of finishes. I'm so very happy to have these ones off my top shelf (and off my 3Q FAL list). It's getting pretty empty up there, which is such a great feeling!

This is one of two matching quilts. I bought at FQ bundle of L'Amour fabric a long while back and made it into two lap quilts. Two panels came with the bundle, so I pieced them into the backs.

More loopy meandering, with a few hearts thrown in there for practice.

My first bit of distractions came with the mail yesterday. Two packages, just for me.

I've got big plans for most of it. I bought that Madrona script fabric just because. Sometimes you just need to do that sort of thing, right? I'll be cutting that stack o' Lucy's Crab Shack into big triangles today.

The UPS arrived a day early with my Fat Quarter Shop package. I sorted it out into projects. First, my tree skirt. So very excited about this one. That would be Cherry Christmas there and I'm in love.

The binding for my string quilt, so the only excuse I have now is I need a place to baste it. I'm trying to find a time to go to my church and use the gym floor. We'll see how that works out.

Fabric for my daughter's dresses. Girl loves her purples. Cutting into these as soon as I'm done with a couple other cutting projects.

That's all for today. I'll be back tomorrow with another finish. Guess this is what happens when you send your husband back to law school.

Oh, and linking up over at Quilt Story for Fabric Tuesday. I'm loving the baby things I see over there. Don't have much need for them myself anymore. My baby is deciding to stop being a baby.

Little turkey! But she's cute, so I can't help but love her.

Have a great Tuesday - see you tomorrow!


  1. Congrats on so many finishes! I have one awaiting binding right now and it stares at me whenever I walk by.

  2. I so love your quilt, red is my favorite color and that quilt grabs me! Great job!


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