08 July 2012

Third Quarter FAL Plans

2012 Finish-A-Long

Well, 5 out of 8 last quarter was pretty fantastic. 8 was a little ambitious, but if I don't go big, I go home. Or something like that.

So here's to going big.

My 3rd Quarter FAL list is twice as long plus four.

Yep. 20 projects.

Several of these are just needing basting, quilting and binding. I'm determined to clear off that top shelf in my sewing room and give some quilts away for birthdays and Christmas this year.

So here goes:

1. First, this triangle quilt made from the Apple of My Eye fabrics. Baste, quilt, bind, done.

2. I've had this one cut for forever. A couple of weeks ago, I unearthed it and stitched together the HSTs. This one will take some more work, but it's going to be super cute when it's done! I'm thinking it will be for my baby girl.

3. Pardon the blurry picture.  I finished piecing this one last summer and it has been sitting. No more sitting! Part of the reason is that there is a mistake in there, and I've debated fixing it. But I know I have to, even if it involves a seam ripper (my Hermione Granger wand/seam ripper is still forthcoming). Once that mistake is fixed, it's a baste, quilt, bind, done.

4. My Sunkissed Granny squares. And I'm going to hand-quilt it. Yep. A first for me, let me tell you. But I ordered some Finca Perle cotton (even got myself a color card) and I've just got to kidnap my mom's little quilting frame. It should be fun!

5. My mother of a granny squares quilt. This baby is queen sized. I've got a pieced border I'm still working on/arguing with, but it's coming together. And it's awesome! So I've got to finish that border, then baste, quilt, bind. Question - would you hand quilt this, or not? I've got the Finca Perle for it, but as it is going on my bed, I'm not sure. Advice please!

6. I fussy cut a mess of those Holiday Hostess squares for this quilt. I love that fabric that much. Just another to add to my red/white quilt collection for Christmas. I'm thinking this girl is getting backed in red minky though. Because this is going to be my snuggle quilt for the holidays.

7 and 8. I bought a FQ bundle back when I lived in Seattle of the L'Amour collection. I made these two Valentine's quilts. The backs are going to be awesome - I centered the quilt panels that came with the bundle. Can't wait! So, baste, quilt, bind, done.

9. A nine-patch baby quilt using Love U fabric. Baste, quilt, bind, done.

10. My love affair with Lucy continues. Also my love affair with triangles. It's a healthy (and soon to be warm) obsession. Gotta piece this girl, then baste, quilt, bind.

11. This one is so close to being done. Just gotta quilt it and bind it. It's my new picnic blanket. LOVE this fabric. I've been dreaming in Lucy's Crab Shack colors for weeks now.

12. Another one started last summer. All the blocks are pieced. I just need a fancy stitch to attach those circles on the center of each block. Then I'll piece the top and, you guessed it, baste, quilt, bind, done. My oldest girl has claimed this one.

13. This red string quilt for a friend's wedding. HAS to be done by the end o' August. Nothing like a deadline to get this girl moving.

14. I might have quite a few Christmas quilts to finish. But then, it's cold in December. They are SUPER useful! Baste, quilt, bind, done.

15. Yep, another Christmas quilt. Again. But I have five children. Who don't like to share their cozy blankets.

16. My yellow and orange string quilt that I love. That my husband loves. The back is pieced. Just need to baste it and quilt it and then find a binding I like. I'm thinking the small chevrons from Riley Blake in orange. Thoughts?

17. We're having an activity at church Tuesday night where we just get to work on projects. My goal is to get this one cut out. Guess I should press those jelly strips first. I'm excited for this one - LOVE this pattern.

18. The most popular quilt I've ever made. My oldest son's birthday is in November and I've got to get this one done well before that time (my three oldest children are within 4 days of each other, so I've got to be on top of the whole birthday thing by the end of summer). We'll be backing it in red minky because red is his favorite color and minky is awesome. That star print glows in the dark - it's so cool.

19. I desperately need a cover for my sewing machine. I needed one for my Husky - my kids liked to put pins inside it (a very not happy husband got them out each time). My Henry likes to open the side thingy on my Juki and remove a spring. Makes me bonkers. Plus, a sewing machine cover is just a good idea. I'm making a set like this one from Bloom and Blossom:

I'll be using Mama Said Sew for it, so I've got what I need on pre-order from Pink Castle Fabrics (how awesome is that?!).

And one more, that needs a picture. I'm making a "Thank You" quilt for the family my husband has been staying with all summer. They are great friends and we're so blessed to have them in our lives. I'm making another triangle quilt using Emily Herrick's Hall of Fame fabric (they are HUGE baseball fans!).
So that is twenty projects total! Holy Schmoley!

Linking up at Quilter in the Gap for the party - come join the fun. Make a long list!


  1. What a list. Very pretty quilts. I will be watching to see how many you get done. Good luck.

  2. O.M.G. I'm guessing baste, bind, quilt is not the most fun part? Because you have a lot of quilt tops. :) They are amazing. Love the yellow and orange. There is a lot of work going on in those photos up there. Good luck!!!

  3. You have the cutest projects!! I am drooling over here...

    The Granny Square quilt for your bed...Hand quilt or not...My suggestion, why not do both? Some machine quilting and some hand quilting accents. =) I think it would be darling. =)

    I LOVE your triangle quilt. I have that same fat quarter bundle with no project assigned to it. I may have to be a copy cat.

    Small orange chevrons = YES!!

    You have some great eye candy, lady. =D

  4. Wow, that's a LOT of projects! Good luck! Orange chevrons sounds good for the binding.

  5. OMG, You just got me all excited! Your projects are the AWESOMEST! I just feel the need to subscribe to your blog immediately! I would not worry about the mistake in #3, I had to go row-by-row to find it. It gives it character :) Give it to someone when You won't see the quilt every day/week :)I would definitely not hand quilt the queen size granny square since you're doing hand quilting on the small one already. Even though if you'd outline the little squares in the background it would look fun with some colored pearl cotton (just an idea in case hand quilting won). For #16 I would totally pick the same orange chevron for binding!

  6. I loooove all your quilts!! I think the chevrons for the orange string quilt will be awesome! Also, what is the name of the pattern for the R2D2 quilt, it's adorable! I've got tons of birthdays in November too - 4 in one week - so I share your pain :)

  7. I love your quilts! Especially love the granny squares (both of them) and that orange string quilt - wow! I admire anyone who hand quilts anything...if I did that, I would never finish any of my quilts, ever LOL! Good luck with your goals. I like to list a lot of projects too...and I'm hoping to finish five of mine as well!

  8. Let's see...

    I'd feel the need to fix the mistake too.

    Since your planning on using the large granny square on your bed, I'd machine quilt it and just add accents in the perks cotton if you'd like.

    As a mom of six, I agree, every kiddo must have their own Christmas quilt to snuggle under! Hmmm, I wonder why I'm suddenly feeling the urge to buy Christmas fabric?

    Resounding YES to the orange chevrons on my very favorite quilt ever!!!

    It's a good thing you live in blogland. Otherwise I would be sneaking over to your house to steal your scraps.


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