29 August 2012

WIP Wednesday: Deliver me from Distraction!

I know I'm not the only one with this problem. I've been so productive lately, but then new fabric shows up and I want to dump the old, tired, I'm-bored-with-you projects and play with the new shiny, pretty fabric.

For the record, I was not this way with boyfriends. Or shoes. I have shoes that are 15 years old that I love. And I've been married 11 years. So this is clearly just a fabric thing.

But here is a finish for you from my 3Q FAL list! I had a Love U jelly roll that I'd cut into 2.5" squares. I pieced them into fun nine patch blocks and made a baby quilt a while back for my sweet little girl. She's outgrown it, so I used the rest of the nine patch blocks to make a toddler-sized quilt.

I love that it isn't entirely girly with bright oranges, yellows, greens, blues and reds as well as pink.

I love these little snails, marching around in a circle (sort of).

And the owls make me smile. I didn't know I was such an owl person until recently. And little missy has an owl costume for Halloween. I love it!

Backed in the green butterfly and flower print, bound with the green dots. It's perfect. And I think she likes it!

As for WIPs, there are too many to count! So for today, here's what I'm doing:

Cutting the binding for my string quilt.

I don't know what it is, but I just don't like making binding. It's so tedious. I've got some Star Wars binding to make too.

Also on my list:

Cutting interfacing for my bags and sewing machine cover. I felt really ridiculous taking photos of interfacing. It's like photographing your underwear when you're doing laundry. Not exactly super glamorous. Well, maybe your underwear is fancier than mine. But let's stop talking about underwear. Here's the progress on the sewing machine cover, mat, pincushion, and thread catcher.

My WIP list is mostly about finishing things.

To Piece:
Quite Contrary quilt
PKM Dresden plate quilt
Cowgirl Saltwater Taffy quilt
Christmas string quilt
Lucy's Crab Shack triangle quilt

To Quilt:
Yellow and Orange string quilt
R2D2 quilt
3 Christmas quilts

To Avoid:
Halloween fabric (making bags in October)
Two FQ bundles of Apple of my Eye
Gypsy Girl FQ bundle that is arriving today (for a quilt for my daughter)

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  1. The yellow and aqua is lovely. Is this for a machine cover for YOU? Congrats, I have such a hard time actually finishing things for ME.

  2. Trust me-- I'm the same way about fabric. And patterns. Everything I see, I want to make. But I try to stay focused and finish at least 1 top at a time. Love the quilt and those yellow and aqua blocks are divine. : )


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