12 September 2012

I should be sewing . . .

But I have a new toy!

For those who don't know, this is where I went to school:

And this is what we wore when we graduated:

That's me. I trained as a pastry chef. I LOVE pastries. I love pastry cookbooks. And I love pastry gadgets. My husband and family love that they can get me a kitchen something as a gift and I'm truly excited about it.

My dad called me two weeks ago and told me that these awesome Breville Mini Pie Makers were on sale, with free shipping. Well color me happy! He ordered me one, because he's awesome, and it arrived on Friday. A crazy weekend, and an even crazier Monday, kept me from playing with it. But I got all the stuff yesterday and made lunch for my husband.

Yes, pecan pie for lunch is perfectly acceptable in these parts.

I texted my beloved (he was in class) and told him his pies were ready. He came home, inhaled two and took the other two back with him. He says he's going to share one of them. I'm skeptical, but I don't care.

Next up: pumpkin, apple and maybe plum frangipane. And I'll get to some sewing. But for now, feast your eyes. And buy a mini-pie maker. You won't be sorry!


  1. pecan pie sounds like a great lunch to me! they look so yummy! I'm not much of a gadget person - I can't afford the space in my mini kitchen - but this is one that I think would be appreciated at my house. I bet my boys would love their own pies!

  2. Too funny! I'm a pastry chef too and I love little gadgets like that. My husband always laughs at me because of course I can easily knock out a pie without it. But still, it's fun!!!


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