23 October 2012

Squeeze Your Own Bundle Competition

I wish I was cool enough for the Fat Quarter Shop to ask me to put together a fat quarter bundle. I do love the bundle competitions I've stumbled upon over the last several months.

Well, there's another one, over at a new favorite blog Blossom Heart Quilts.

This time, we're building a bundle from the fabulous collection at Fresh Squeezed Fabrics. I spent a pleasant hour or so, browsing and choosing fabrics.

Here's my bundle, titled "June Cleaver's Bake Sale." The title is important in this contest.

What do you think? I chose the focal fabric first, the brown novelty print. Then I searched around for fabrics that coordinated with it, and fell into the "theme" of my bundle. Pennants, because you have to have pennants at a bake sale. Pearls, because, well, it's June Cleaver, right? Gingham and polka dots are so retro. In fact, there is a dress that Lucille Ball wears that is polka dotted and I want it.

I like my little bundle. I hope, I hope, I hope I win. I really struggled, because I thought I should pick fabrics that the judges would like. But in the end, I went with what I like. If I'm going to win a bundle of fabric, I want it to be fabric I like.


  1. Perfect! I love the name and how you put them together. Good luck!

  2. It is a great bundle! You chose really well.

  3. you gave your bundle a fabulous name!

  4. I like it very much, great theme!

  5. Hi!! I really love the fabrics you picked!!!! You should win!!! I love the name too!!! Good luck!!!!

  6. Looks like a winner to me! Good luck!


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