12 November 2012

Make-A-List Monday: One-Upping Myself!

Do you know a one-upper? Someone who always has to top you?

I got to one-up myself this last week:
  • Quilt Mr. Henry's Busytown quilt - bind it too
Done and isn't he cute and happy?

  • Start piecing blocks for James' Busytown quilt
Done, along with the entire top pieced and now it's basted.

  • Sew handles and pocket pieces for Weekender bag
Handles, pockets, and then the entire outer bag. Love this bag. Can't wait to finish it later this week.

  • Resist the urge to play with my new fabric that arrived on Saturday 
Other than visiting The Intrepid Thread a few times to look at the bundles, I did marvelously! Hooray for me!

On to this week! There is no "I need to clean the house (especially the bathrooms) because I have visitors coming" mentality this week, so I can relax a bit. And since I had to clean my sewing room/guest room, I have a floor! Which for me means making a bigger list!
  • Baste, quilt and bind the Max and Whiskers quilt
  • Quilt and bind James' quilt
  • Piece my Gypsy Girl top
  • Finish the lining of my Weekender Bag
  • Cut the felt circle for my tree skirt
  • Maybe, just maybe, make some of the Christmas gift bags
 There? Overly ambitious? Heck, there was this one time . . .

Have a great week! What's on your list? (And I mean it - tell me! In fact, maybe it would be fun to make it a linky party - your thoughts?)


  1. Funny-I am not usually a pink fan but I just love that fabric in your bag. I've never seen dandelion print before. Where did you find it?

  2. Your bag looks great and done, I wonder where your lining attaches to. Hmm. To do? Finish quilting and binding Scrappy Stash QAL (bonus is 1 present done for Christmas), piece back/ quilt/bind quilt for niece before thanksgiving (yeah), pot holder for mum, placemat (just one), pillows for visiting teachers in my church congregation, piece/quilt/bind quilt for friend for Christmas, sew pair of pants for nephew, finish apron for friend for Christmas, contemplate making gifts for coworkers and oh, yeah do my real job too. That's what was on my mental list tonight although I know there's more. Easy peasy right? I would sure love a room I could leave things set up in :) what a blessing.

  3. That richard scarry quilt! So very very cool!!! I love them!!


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