02 November 2012

Friday Finish: He LOVES Me!

I do not have a favorite child. I love them all. They all drive me crazy at times, but they more than make up for it. But I do love them differently, for different reasons.

This little man is my youngest son. He's three, or, if you ask him how old he is, he's "big." And he's awesome. And a troublemaker.

He has the most adorable curls you ever saw. Curls that I have to cut because they get a tad unruly. But they keep growing back, and that keeps me happy.

He has a thing for my hair. Loves to play with it. If he's tired, he snuggles up against me and says, "I want your hair Mommy." So I take it out of a ponytail and he plays with it until he falls asleep.

Just a couple of weeks ago, I finished a quilt for my oldest son. Then my middle son claimed the Halloween quilt. Henry needed a quilt. Fortunately, I'd been working on this one and I was able to lay it out (he helped me) and get it together for him.

The pattern is Slideshow and the fabric is from a Busytown panel and FQ bundle. We love Richard Scarry around here, and this quilt is just perfect for my little man.

It's just waiting to be basted and quilted. Do you have difficulty getting things basted? I feel like the planets have to be aligned in order to get a quilt basted: clean floor, kids asleep and everything prepped and ready to go. See? It's easier to align the planets. I'm hoping to get this basted tonight so I can get it finished. I'll be backing it in green Minky and doing a scrappy binding.

In the meantime, I'm making another one for big brother (he can't keep the Halloween quilt all to himself!) and a super cute Christmas present for my nephew.

Oh, and still working on Weekender bags. And joining in on this fun:

I'm working on my bee plans, never fear. Please blame my law student. He's enlisted my typing skills and I'm spending quite a bit of my time working for him. All is well though - he pays in fabric!


  1. Your son and your Busytown quilt are just adorable!I spent hours with my kids looking at those books when they were that age(ages ago!). Enjoy...

  2. Another lovely quilt, Jennie. I have two wallpaper pasting tables put together which I can baste quilts up to 60"x 60" on ... I don't pin, I use spray ... It's my least favourite part of quilting so I have to make it as easy as I can otherwise I would never do it!
    Hope you got yours done :)

  3. What a great way to spotlight that fabric. I love the slideshow layout. And yes - the planets AND furniture have to be aligned before I can baste a quilt. . . ::sigh:: ;D

  4. I love what you said about the planets being aligned for the quilt-basting process (especially for big quilts, and especially with kids in the house!) ... that's why I've got three big quilt tops that need to be quilted, but they're still waiting to be basted! I LOVE the Richard Scarry quilt - great pattern, great fabric.

  5. What an angel face! And those curls! Lucky boy. My guy is three, too, so I understand the behaviors, though mine doesn't have older brothers to contend with. I love the quilt. He's one lucky kid!

  6. Wonderful quilt! I've been spray basting on my kitchen table. My window of time to do it is also hard to find! ;)


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