05 November 2012

Make-A-List Monday: getting back on track

How was your weekend?

Mine? I'm all caked out. There are new Legos all over the place, my daughter has named her dragons, and I'm done with birthdays until March. Wahoo!

And I got a little surprise Saturday afternoon in the mail:

A few weeks back, I won six fat quarters from The Intrepid Thread in the 3rd Quarter Finish Along. Yippee! I browsed and browsed and browsed some more. In the end, I opted to wait until this collection arrived:

It's called Blooming Lovely by Lola Violet and I love it. I love it all. The Intrepid Thread has fat quarter and half yard bundles available, and I'm hoping they still have them when I get my fabric allowance. Julie is offering at 15% discount right now (through 11/9). Use the coupon code MOVE15 to get it. Just save some for me, 'kay? I'm pulling coordinating fabrics from my stash as well. Can't wait to make something fun and pretty!

I managed to squeeze some sewing in between cake baking and decorating and party prep, but not much. Every now and then I got to sneak in a finish a Max and Whiskers block. They weren't on my list, but when has that ever stopped me? Here's the finished flimsy, ready to baste (I know, when will that happen!) and quilt. Actually, this one is small enough that I don't have to move heaven, earth, and furniture to baste. So sooner rather than later!

Here's my list from last week:
  • Finish piecing the Richard Scarry quilt
Done. That went rather quickly, actually. Having a little dictator/tyrant bugging me every time I wasn't in the sewing room working on it sure helped. You think I'm joking, don't you? Nope. I was sitting in the rocking chair with the baby and he actually said, "Mommy, why aren't you sewing my quilt?" See?
  • Sew up some birthday drawstring gift bags (I hate wrapping paper!)
Didn't get to this. Just bought some gift bags, so at least they are reusable.
  • Baste, quilt and bind the Richard Scarry quilt so Henry will stop feeling left out!
Basted it early this morning while the kids slept off their sugar-induced comas. Man, what a weekend! I'll get started on the quilting as soon as possible.

  • Cut the white fabric I need for James' Richard Scarry quilt
Done and I've started sewing the pieces.
  • Continue working on the Weekender madness bag 
You know, I had to make a command decision. Money is extra tight right now, and I just can't justify the extra expense to get the rest of the lining material. Sad that that's my only hang up, but what do you do? We're waiting on the lovely Veteran's Administration, which means who knows when we get what we need. Maybe if a miracle happens this week I'll get to order it. If not, well, there are worse things. I'm still working on the the things I can work on - like the inside zipper pocket, the handles, and such. I'll go as far as I can and then start praying for a miracle.

Here's my list for this week (and it's cut short because my parents are coming to town for the weekend, so I only have until Thursday and then my sewing space has to be transformed into a guest room).
  • Quilt Mr. Henry's Busytown quilt - bind it too
  • Start piecing blocks for James' Busytown quilt
  • Sew handles and pocket pieces for Weekender bag
  • Resist the urge to play with my new fabric that arrived on Saturday
There we go. What's on your list for this week?

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  1. List for the week includes finishing my window cover for Phyllis and getting that box ready to mail to Ontario for her; making courthouse steps blocks with the pieces already cut and laid out; finish the set of eight that I started last week; plan the wolf piece....

    Ought to keep us out of trouble--your life is much fuller than mine and still you produce the most amazing pieces; thanks for sharing.


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