29 October 2012

Make-A-List Monday: I'm dreaming of a white . . . Halloween!

Hey y'all!

How was your weekend?

This is what it looked like from my sewing room on Friday afternoon:

Yeah. My kids were so excited. Me? Not so much. To battle the unwelcome snowfall, I grabbed a cup of drinking chocolate (I have a killer awesome recipe that is more like drinking melted chocolate than cocoa - AWESOME!) and browsed through the Friday finishes and the Blogger's Quilt Festival. I made my list of nominations for the festival, which was fun.

As for my list last week, well, here it is:
  • Quilt and bind zig zag quilt
Done and my James is so happy (he claims it is HIS quilt because I backed it in orange Minky, and orange is his favorite color, so of course it's his!). Checking it off my 4Q FAL list. Hooray! That's four done. And a gazillion to go!

  • Cut out my Weekender bag (and accessory bags from the extra fabric!)
Done. I cut out the dandelion bag, complete with lining and piping and handles, although I need to cut one more top panel. This pattern doesn't give you great instructions when you're dealing with directional prints, so I have to order more of my lining material before I can cut that top panel. Not super happy about that one.

I also cut out the duck for my quilted version and the exterior fabric for my umbrella girl one. I might have also cut some more duck for a Christmas quilted one. Yes, I'm getting carried away. It's what I do.
  • Slowly get started on my Weekender bag
I've got the piping made and I'm working on the exterior panels with pockets and handles - my machine is giving me fits and skipping stitches. It did it on a line of topstitching, so of course I had to pick it out. The bag itself is not so bad. It's my machine giving me fits!

Just waiting for payday so I can order my zippers. Making the piping was . . . tedious. I used Steam-a-seam, which is awesome and I've read makes it even faster, which terrifies me to do it the other way.

In the meantime, I made my quilted pieces of out Gypsy Girl.

Gypsy Girl Weekender bag progress 

When these are done, I"ll start on a Christmas one. Because I need a Christmas Weekender bag. You don't? Whatever. You're just in denial, that's all. You really need to just embrace the insanity.
  • Finish piecing Richard Scarry #1 top

Still working on this. Once birthdays are over (did I mention I have THREE birthdays coming up - the 3rd, the 4th and the 6th), I'll have more brain power to devote to piecing a top. I need to hurry though. The little man who will get this quilt keeps saying my string quilt is his. Silly boy. But I can't correct him until HIS quilt is done. I'll share until then.

Could you resist this face? I know I can't!

  • Piece minky backs for 3 quilts
I pieced the back for my Holiday Hostess quilt, that Richard Scarry quilt, my Easy as Cake quilt, my nephew's Max and Whiskers quilt, and my other Richard Scarry quilt. So I did FIVE! Wahoo!

Okay, on to this week:
  • Finish piecing the Richard Scarry quilt
  • Sew up some birthday drawstring gift bags (I hate wrapping paper!)
  • Baste, quilt and bind the Richard Scarry quilt so Henry will stop feeling left out!
  • Cut the white fabric I need for James' Richard Scarry quilt
  • Continue working on the Weekender madness bag
That's it. In non-sewing lists, I have to go trick-or-treating on Wednesday, make three birthday cakes, and three birthday breakfasts, and three birthday dinners, and get all the gifts together for those three birthdays (I'm so very glad I did the shopping back in August!). I also woke up this morning with a super fun head cold. And I think I got it from my sweet baby girl, so we're chilling in the recliner until we feel better. Ha! I wish.

Have a lovely week!


  1. Your orange zig zag quilt looks great! I see why he claimed it. It looks so cozy and warm.

  2. Love how your zig zag quilt came out, the orange minkee looks yummy! What did you bind it in, it matches perfectly!

  3. WOW! How DO you find the time for making all this loveliness?? Love the zig-zag quilt - great colours .. do they all come with a cute little lolly-sucking munchkin?! Jen :)

  4. Love the zig-zag!!

    So, I NEED a weekender bag? I have been seeing it a lot around the blogs I read. Maybe I need to just get over my denial and get the pattern. =)

  5. Love the zig zag quilt! Great colors and so unique!

  6. I cannot drink the weekender coolaid. It's too soon to Christmas. Even though I secretly want to be bag proficient. Works in progress, WIP WIP WIP. Okay fine, I'll cut out a clutch. That piping looks gorgeous and the zig zag minky is great.


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