16 November 2012

Friday Finish: A Little House Christmas

I love Little House on the Prairie. We have all the seasons on DVD. But this little Christmas episode is one of my favorites. They didn't have lots of money for gifts, so they all snuck around and made gifts for each other, or earned money for them doing all sorts of things. Charles built wagon wheels to sell, and made Mary's fur shawl. Laura dyed yarn to knit a scarf for her Pa. Mary worked with the local seamstress to make a shirt for her Pa. And Laura sold her horse to Nellie Olsen to buy a stove for her Ma.

Well, I don't have a horse to sell, but I'm working on some homemade gifts this year. And the first one is done:

A quilt for my little nephew. He's 20 months old, so it's plenty big enough. It's backed in chocolate Minky for extra snuggle factor. And I have extra fabric, so I'll make a couple of pillowcases and crib sheets for his toddler bed.

And crossing this one off my 4Q FAL list.

My extra lining fabric arrives today, so I'm going to get that Weekender Bag done right away so I can link up this weekend. Hope to see you tomorrow!

Linking up with Sarah and Amanda Jean. Have a great Friday!


  1. Hi!!! Beautiful quilt!!! Great gift!!!!

  2. I love Little House. Isn't that the episode where Mary and Ma end up making Pa the exact same shirt, and Ma quietly hides hers to Mary won't see and be upset? :-)

    Your quilt is beautiful. Home made gifts are the very best kind, I think. Your little nephew is sure to love it for many years to come!

  3. I love this. He'll be able to use this quilt way passed his toddler years which is great! That's one of my favorite episodes, too!

  4. This is so beautiful! I love the combination of browns and occasional blue! The Minky looks SO soft and comfy! Someday I will be brave enough....

  5. This quilt is so inspiring...makes me want to start one like it right now!

  6. Minky is so fabulous - perfect for a Christmas gift quilt. :D

  7. What a beautiful quilt! I get the Little House love. I used to watch when I was a kid, and when I was getting my masters, my work gave me time off each week to work on my school projects. But I just went home and watched Little House. That's how I roll.


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