09 November 2012

Friday Finish: My Secret Source of Power

Hee hee. I love Wonder Woman.

I've had, like, eleventy hundred (okay, maybe five) comments about how I get so much done. This makes me laugh, because boy do I feel like I never get anything done. But I guess I do. So I got to thinking: how do I get so much done?

Let's not consider that the laundry doesn't always get sorted. And sometimes I'm loading the dishwasher right before dinner. Or the fact that sometimes my youngest son spends most of the day in his underwear. Hey, at least he's not naked. And in my defense, he does have clean clothes. He just refuses to put them on and I don't feel like fighting.

It's nothing magical. Just organized.

First, it totally helps to have a designated crafting space. With a door. I can leave my project out and go back to it when I can find five or ten minutes. Chicken nuggets in the oven for 15 minutes? Sew some blocks, or work on some binding, or quilt a bit of a quilt. Older kids working on lessons? Cut fabric at the counter.

I also live by lists. I love my lists. I make a "to-do" list for each week. I put everything on it. Dinner plans. Lessons. Piano practice for the kids. Sewing things I want to get done. It's all there. I love crossing things off my list.

I deviate from my lists, but being organized lets me play fast and loose sometimes. Take this past week as an example.

My husband accidentally broke my ironing board. I know. How can you piece a quilt top without an ironing board. Don't ask. He got in some serious trouble for that one.

Fortunately, I had just basted a quilt. So I wound some bobbins and got to quilting while he got to fixing (that is his super power: fixing anything and everything!). By the time Henry's quilt was finished, my ironing board was back.

So here is my official finish for the week:

Used the Slideshow quilt pattern (although I omitted the outer border). Used a FQ bundle and panel of Richard Scarry prints from the Fat Quarter Shop. Quilted in a meandering loopity loop, because that's what I do quickest and best. I stuck with reds, blues, greens and oranges for the accent colors. Some pezzy prints, some Essential dots, some stars. All boy-ish, in my eyes. I tend to lean towards girly quilts, and my boys don't mind them, but they need something manly every now and again.

The Pickle Car and Apple Car are my favorites.

Scrappy binding, green Minky back.

My quilt model/holder was at school, so this is the best I've got for full shot.

Here is the happy little owner of his very own quilt:

Checking this one off the 4Q FAL list. Slowly but surely, it's getting done. And now I can claim my string quilt back. Phew.

I also worked on this:

Isn't she purty? I got my fabric allowance and ordered the rest of the fabric I need for the lining. I also ordered the liner for my umbrella girl bag, so I'll be getting started on that soon. I've got interfacing to cut in the meantime.

And I have to give a shout out to my Prince Charming, who slayed dragons and went on a late night run to Walmart to get me binder clips. He didn't even bat an eye when I said I needed them for a sewing project. He's awesome that way.

Hope you have a great weekend. I have to go turn my sewing space into a guest room for my parents. I might sneak in some cutting though. Can't help myself!

Linking up with Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict, who once again proves how awesome she and her sweatshop of sewers are by helping out whenever they are needed. Read all about it!

And linking up with Amanda at crazy mom quilts, because I've got a finish to share!


  1. Lots of work done. I just love the big smile, so cute and happy. Pickle car, I remember those books.

  2. I LOVE your Richard Scarry quilt! (Pickle Car is my fav) I've bought some of both of the collections and I've been wondering what to do with it and I think this pattern is a great choice. I'm making this for some future not yet existing grandchild - LOL! My sons loved Richard Scarry so I'll be ready to go when grandkids come along --which is funny since I'm almost always doing things at the last minute.

  3. Cute quilt, and the model is darling!

  4. What a cute quilt. I loved the Richard Scarry stories as a kid.

  5. Love love love that pink bag :)

  6. Your finished quilt is gorgeous!! I love your bag too!!!

  7. Your 'finish' is fabulous!! That quilt is just perfect for a little boy :-)
    (your bag is pretty sweet, too) and your sunshine string quilt that you posted a few days ago? love!!

  8. Hi!!! Fun finish!!!! Very pretty and cute!!! The little guy loves it!!!! Love your purse too!!!

  9. What a fun quilt! I'm sure he is so thrilled to have it! I love your weekender bag. I think I need to add one of those to my "to do" list!


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