06 November 2012

100 Day Hustle: Halfway!

Kelsey Sews 

There are other things going on today, big (my oldest son's birthday) and small (presidential election here in the U.S.). But this is a quilty blog, so let's talk about the 100 Day Hustle.

It's halfway over! Only 50 days left in 2012! That's crazy!

Here's what I've marked off my way-too-long-list:

R2D2 quilt - it's gotten really cold lately and so this is getting LOTS of use.

The Sunshine String quilt - I can't stop staring at it!

Halloween zig zag quilt - my son won't let me pack it away. Guess I need to make him another quilt.

Trick-or-treat bags - that are empty now! I just let the kids eat all the candy right away. With three birthdays right after Halloween, we just get all sugared up. Detox begins tomorrow!

Further progress on the list, but not finished:

My Lucy Crab Shack triangle quilt top is finished. It's, um, big. I think I'm going to fix it up for my husband. He's 6'2", so most "lap" quilts qualify as napkins for him. He likes to tuck quilts under his feet, like most of us I think, and a 60" quilt isn't going to cut it. I'll order some navy Minky to back it in and give it to him for Christmas.

I've got the squares cut out for the Gypsy Girl patchwork quilt. Just need to lay it out and piece it together. I'll have to order the binding and backing, but it's getting closer.

My tree skirt is cut out - that's progress, right?

I'm struggling with the stockings. I was just going to do plain ones (as in, no patchwork) but that feels so boring, and not me. So now I've got to make some patchwork ones and line them with the "plain" fabrics. More work, but more satisfying!

I have the red with white polka dot Minky pieced to back my Holiday Hostess quilt.

The red string quilt will be for me and I'll send the Holiday Hostess quilt as a gift. That's the only progress I made - that one big decision!

No progress on all the rest, but that's okay. I'm making dents in my 4Q FAL list, so progress is progress, right?


  1. Wow, you have been busy! I don't typically gravitate towards orange, yellow or red, but your Sunshine String quilt is so beautiful, I can't stop staring at it, either! I have a string quilt on my "hopefully someday soon" list. I might have to try it with just a few colors like you have, rather than making it "scrappy all over." Just gorgeous!

  2. Making dents all over the place looks like to me. I'm contemplating Treat bags for next year-cannot decide whether to quilt or crochet...

  3. Your sunshine quilt is a show stopper! Love it!

  4. i can see why you keep staring at the sunshine quilt, it's gorgeous! keep up the good work!

  5. Wow, the sunshine quilt is amazing!

  6. Mustn't let my son see the R2D2 quilt - I'm sure he'd want one! It looks amazing!

    Love love the sunshine quilt too! So cheery!

  7. Great progress Jennie...LOVE LOVE LOVE your Sunshine String quilt!!!

  8. Awesome R2D2 quilt! You have made quite a dent in your list!

  9. Ahhhh R2D2 quilt?? That's so cool! So glad I accidentally clicked your name while trying to comment on a blog :) I'll definitely be following you! :)

  10. I LOVE that string quilt! And those Halloween treat bags are adorable!


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