10 December 2012

Make-A-List Monday: Early Christmas presents

Um, what was I thinking?

My list last week was all wrong, and I'm fixing that.

Why am I working on the "local" gifts when I should be working on the gifts that the USPS will be delivering for me?

Silly Jennie.

So, my list for last week:
  • Finish up that quilt
Tension issues. Breaking thread issues. Skipped stitches issues. Yeah. I'll be hanging out with my seam ripper. AFTER Christmas. It's in the corner for now.
  • Work on stockings - piece tops and embroider names
3 of the tops are pieced. I'm going to have to get a bigger pattern. Headed to Kinko's later this week. We like our stockings bigger around here!
  • Cut and sew softy owl
Cut. Got distracted by other gift projects.
  • Cut and sew alligator softy
Cut. Will sew after the shipped stuff is done.
  • Order the rest of my supplies, or hit JoAnn's
Done. Shopping is easy! I ordered the fabric for the library bags for my niece and nephews, the black minky for the Night Fury softies for my dragon-obsessed crew, minky for the dolphin and shark softies, then I hit JoAnn's sale this weekend for interfacing, thread, fusible fleece, and material for robes for my two oldest popsicle children.
Easy. Did you win anything? I had such fun reading all the comments for my giveaway. I've got a whole list of movies to re-watch (or watch for the first time).

Okay, on to this week:
  • Make zipper bag for SIL
  • Make 3 library bags, when the fabric arrives
  • Make two kindle cover
  • Make one more passport wallet
If those get done, and they'd better get done and shipped:
  • Sew owl softy for C
  • Sew alligator softy for H
  • Sew turtle softy for J
  • Sew shark softy for W
  • Sew dolphin softy for L
  • Sew zipper bag for M, plus matching tissue holder and glasses case
There. I feel like the entire Santa sweatshop!

Happy crafting!

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