04 January 2013

1Q FAL - Let it begin again!

Prepare to be shocked.

I only have nine items on my list for the first quarter.

Yes, I'm feeling fine. Quite well, actually.

Here's the thing. We're moving the first of June. I'm beyond excited about this move for several reasons, but it's still a move with packing and what-not.

My sewing goals for the first half of the year will be different than last year. My plan is to finish up a few quilts entirely, but work on getting flimsies done and ready to quilt once we settle. Did I mention my amazingly talented sister-in-law has a long-arm? Yeah, beyond excited is an understatement.

So, here's my list for January-February-March:
  • Sweet Divinity Quilt - is this ever a long time coming
  • Spider Web Quilt - yes, 'tis the season, but I have the backing for it already so it needs to move house finished
  • Easy as Cake Quilt - after the tension fiasco, it took me for-freaking-EVER to pick out all the quilting I'd done. Now it's time to finish this baby and pack it away for next Christmas
  • Lucy's Triangles - just need the backing
  • Simple Life Dottie Quilt - yes, something newish to make me happy

  • Ready Set Snow Quilt - I might only get this flimsy done

  • Gypsy Girl Quilt - a simple patchwork square quilt shouldn't be too hard, should it?

  • Lucy's Crab Shack bathmat part deux

  • Gypsy Girl Weekender bag - the outside is pieced, so I just need to make the piping and put it all together. 
There. Under control and totally manageable.

Course, that's the public list. The real list is three times as long, but not full of complete finishes. I've a lot of flimsies to finish, and I'll be showing them along the way. These are just the things I intend to finish up.

I just look forward to the last half of the year, when I have a gaggle of quilts I can just baste, quilt and bind!


  1. Is it ok to be envious you have so much to finish? I have one (pathetic, I know!) quilt to finish up :(
    Note to self: MUST try harder :)

  2. Your quilts will make for some lovely finishes! Good luck on the finishing.

  3. Love your quilts and can't wait to see. The weekender finished. That is on my list for this year just not sure when yet!


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