01 April 2013

Make-A-List Monday: Randomness

Boy, at the beginning of the week, I thought my plans were all set and ready to go.

Yeah, total derail over here.

One, I started packing for our move. No, no word on the house, but we still have to be out of this house at the end of May. So I figured I'd get some early packing done. I started with my sewing room, with projects that I knew I wouldn't finish or even want to start before the move. This got me thinking about what I could get done and before you knew it, I was finishing up projects.

I blame Sarah too. She announced the H2H and I suddenly found myself pulling fabric that would work well together (gasp - am I about to do something scrappy?). So those projects are pulled. One is cut out already. I'm excited to use up these languishing fabrics and share some quilty love.

But, for habit's sake, we'll just look at that list from last week, shall we? Here goes:
  • Finish three flimsies - yep, three!
Well, I finished two, just not two of the three I wanted to finish. How's that for confusing? I finished the Delft Blue Dutch Pinwheels (one for H2H), and I finally, FINALLY, pieced the border for my Sew Cherry Granny quilt. I love it. A lot. My husband is on board with painting our bedroom aqua (I know, right?), and so I want my coordinating quilts ready for my bed. I'll quilt this one on my sister-in-law's long arm.

I'd show you the whole quilt, but it's huge. Queen-sized and my husband wasn't around to hold it up for me. This might be one to hang off the deck in the back yard. Here is a picture of it before the borders.
  • Finish Simple Life Dottie blocks
Yeah, no. I have to trim all the blocks down and I hate that part. So I did what any self-respecting quilter does. I worked on something else!
  • Make two bee blocks
This I did do, but I gave myself a headache doing it. Can I just say that terms like "gender neutral" do not appeal to me. What they really mean is no flowers, butterflies, or girly colors. Because my girl would be more than happy with dragons, dinosaurs, blues, oranges, reds, yellows and greens. And I'm drawn to girly fabrics. So it was a struggle to find something bright and non-girly in my stash. In the end, I figured rainbowy stuff is pretty gender neutral.

On to this week. Oh boy do I have plans!
  • Piece the three flimsies I meant to piece last week - 2 scrappy trips and my Gypsy Girl patchwork
  • Prep fabric for semi-annual cut-a-thon - I 'splained yesterday what that is, exactly
  • Finish Strawberry Fields Shortcake blocks
There. Just three, but a lot of work in those three.


  1. You did have some 'splaining to do!!! lol I KNOW you must be excited to get that granny square all done so you can show it off in your new home!

    Hope you get word on the house soon.

  2. so impressed with your productivity ! Especially when all I managed to do was build a fort;)


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Lucille Ball