08 March 2013

Time for a break!

This is as far as I've gotten on my Pam Kitty Morning semi-scrappy trip quilt. And now it's time for a break. I'll prep the rest of the strips for it so it's ready and waiting for me when we get back, but I have to wave goodbye for 10 days or so.

Is it just me or is a family vacation not much of a vacation for the mom? I mean, I plan on having fun, and watching my kids have fun, but there's been so much to do to get us out the door. And with plans changing (we're staying almost a full day in Boise on our way back so my husband can participate in a shooting competition), it makes it hard to plan stuff for the other side of the vacation. Things the dads don't have to worry about, like getting home in time to get the laundry done and go to the store


  1. Hi!!! Your quilt is very pretty!!!! Vacations!!! I thought they were for rest!!!! Hee hee!!!! I know you come home more tired than you were before you left!!!! But I hope you have fun!!!!

  2. Yep, we have a lot of stuff that I think, as you said, they don't have to worry about and so don't. Yet we do. Vacations are one of those events that I am not particularly fond of and I find them to be disruptive.

  3. We are completely on the same wave length! I enjoy family holidays, but there's always so much work for me, planning, keeping the kids busy etc. Everyone wants to go camping in April, but I'm dreading the organisation involved in a holiday where you take all your food and bedding as well. Aarghh! Very pretty quilt, too, by the way!

  4. Your blocks are just beautiful! :o)


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