09 May 2013

Fabric Hoarders: The Christmas Edition

Do you have a favorite fabric? Like all time, you'd save it in a fire or flood?

This is mine:

I've made several projects with it.

A bag to carry around at Christmastime. An apron, but I can't find a picture of it and it's packed already.


I finished this quilt last Christmas and I love it. Backed in red polka dot minky, it is the most popular quilt in the house come December.

My Christmas stocking will be made out of this material too (that project is for this year!). But that was to be the last because it was gone. Couldn't find even a scrap.

One day last week, I was browsing around at fabric.com when I thought to check Michael Miller's holiday stuff. Saw these awesome gingerbread houses, and these adorable nutcrackers (totally making my aunt an apron out of that one!), but I might have squealed like a little girl when I saw my fabric was available again. I put five yards into my cart without batting an eye and checked out as quickly as I could, hoping and praying that it wasn't already gone.

It arrived yesterday, in all it's red retro glory and I have absolutely NO idea what I'm going to make with it, but I don't care! It's here. Okay, I might make another version of the quilt up there since my oldest girl sorta claimed that one and I want my own. But that's all.

But don't rush over to fabric.com for some. It's gone again. They say it will be back in stock in July. Here's hoping!


  1. Hi!!! I love your fabric, the bag and the quilt!!!

  2. I feel the same way as you do about this print!!! I have a piece of it, but have never cut it...waiting for the "right" thing. This year I promise myself I'm going to make something for myself and just love the heck out of it. So happy it's been reprinted - I'll keep my eyes open for more. ;)

  3. Yep...totally know what you mean, there's always one that just likes to be petted...I think it's great you found an extra bit!


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