10 May 2013

We have a winner!


Lemme say a word about "no-reply bloggers." They are missing out on all the fun.

I went through three winners before I finally landed on my winner! C'mon people! If you NEVER win anything, maybe this is why!

Okay. Stepping off to announce my winner:

88. Dee said...
Two elephants walked off a cliff.
Boom, boom.

sad I know, i asked my daughter for that one ;)

Congrats Dee! I'll get your certificate e-mailed to you soon! 

Thanks for all the jokes everyone. My kids and I enjoyed them. And a lot of you are BIG fans of the interrupting cow knock knock joke. It's pretty popular around here already!


  1. Go, Dee. That's a great joke, too. Love it.

  2. Thanks soooo much for this prize. Glad your kids liked the joke too.
    Happily following your blog now... and wondering how on earth you turn out so many quilt tops (flimsies)?! Add to that raising a family AND packing to move.

  3. the interrupting cow joke was huge at our house {my boys have kind of outgrown it, sniff} we made up many variations {interrupting car, cat, baby...} they got a big kick out of 'interrupting silence' :)


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