25 July 2016

Make-A-List Monday: Cute Lil' Sewing Machine!

Hi all! How's it been going?

I've missed these progress posts. Keeps me accountable!
  • Purple Sew Together Bag - almost done - finishing it up tonight
  • Cousin's Weekender - some progress - going to push to get this one done this week
  • First Crush Weekender - got the outer bag quilted, so that's a start
  • Sew & Sew Sew Together Bag - also getting finished tonight
I think I did pretty well for myself last week, and now I'm ready to move forward. This week's list:
  • Glamping Weekender
  • Cousin's Weekender
  • First Crush Weekender
  • Sew Together Bags
  • Sew & Sew Zipped Case (see the photo below!)
  • Alpine Wonderland quilt
I'm putting this cute little yellow sewing machine on the cover of my zipped case and I'm so excited!

Have a happy week! 


  1. awwww, so cute and tiny! where did you get it, pls? would LOVE to make one for me. xxx


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Lucille Ball