17 June 2013

Make-A-List Monday: Better than I thought!

Good mornin'!

Great. Now I've got that song in my head.

Oh well. There are worse things.

I had a productive week. It did get me to a point  I don't like, which is deciding on borders. Yuck. But I'm there, so I may as well get out of Dodge as quickly as possible.

I finished my Happy Go Lucky Briar Rose quilt top. No border yet, and there may never be one, frankly.

I kinda like the look of it as it is. Sometimes a big border just screams "I needed to make it bigger!" I don't NEED to make this bigger. I could, and put it on my bed, but I don't have to. Your thoughts?

I was thinking of using one these two for the border:

And one of these two for the binding:

See my dilemma?

I also listed my Cowgirl SW Taffy blocks. Wanted to get those ready to go so I could finish the quilt. It's a harder pattern than it looks - some of the blocks have to have part of the border fabric on them, so you have to decide ahead of time before you can put the corner triangles on them. (For inquiring minds, the pattern is Salt Water Taffy by Fig Tree)

But I figured it out and I just went ahead and finished the top.

Funny/frustrating story. I had JUST enough of that pink floral print for the border. I mean, 30" of it. So I planned on cutting 8 3.75" strips and life would be peachy.

Well, I had to use my old old old cutting mat, having destroyed the others (a whole 'nother story!). It doesn't have the extra line on the edge so you can cut off the uneven edges first and then start at zero. So I started at one. My first strip was 2.75". Ugh.

Rather than order more fabric, because I was short, I just pieced that skinny strip together and made do. And it looks just fine. Can't hardly tell, unless you're looking for it. So don't look for it!

I also pieced together three columns for my Glamping Hexie quilt top. Like I said before, slow going, but super fun.

On to this week!

My plan is to:
  • Trim up the rest of my Simple Life Dottie blocks and finish them up
  • Layout and sew three more Glamping Hexies columns
  • Get the serger set up and tension issues solved so I can finish the serging projects
  • Finish Gypsy Girl Weekender bag panels
That should be sufficient, right? My husband got to play ALL day on Saturday, so he kinda owes me. And before you remind me that it was Father's Day weekend, let me just say that he got to play all day the day before Mother's day as well. And he got a fabulous breakfast and dinner yesterday that he didn't have to cook himself. He owes me.


  1. I love the Happy Go Lucky quilt just as it is. I'd go with a navy binding and call it great!

  2. I think it looks amazing as is too but you'll look at it again and know. Hexies too! You amaze me how you find the time - are the days longer in Idaho!??

  3. Hi Jennie, love the Happy Go Lucky quilt top. Whats the pattern? I wouldn't border it, just quilt and bind in a navy.


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