11 June 2013

Tuesdays Favorite Things: Quilting books

Okay, books in general.

In fact, I'm reading this book right now:

HIGHLY recommend it, whether you are an introvert (yours truly) or not. Brilliant. Mind-blowing. Life-altering. Really, it's that good.

Actually, what I'm so excited about is this: digital quilting books.

Having just packed and moved far too many boxes yet again, I'm ever so grateful for my nook account at Barnes and Noble. Love my digital books. So portable.

I freely confess to being a book snob a few years back, when e-readers were hitting the market. I liked holding an actual book. I liked the smell. Yada yada. Blah blah.

I'm so over that. Got my first e-reader (a nook) 3 years ago and haven't looked back. Except in the bathtub, where electronics and water do not mix, I'm glued to my e-reader. For Christmas, my husband surprised me with a Google tablet, so I can do just about anything on it - check e-mail, read blogs, surf Pinterest, play sudoku.

When Camille Roskelley's book came out, I checked the price at Amazon. Not bad. Free shipping (if I ordered more, and who am I kidding, that wouldn't be hard!). Went over to Barnes and Noble to check out their price and, um, HELLO, a nook version was available.

For just over $10 little dollars. I didn't even blink, I was so giddy! You are given a link to download any full-sized templates, etc., so don't worry about that. As I have a nook app everywhere, it's just awesome.

And now every quilting book gets run through the e-reader gauntlet for me. I'll still buy hard copies when I have to, but this is so much better, and here's why (in my ever-so-humble-opinion):

Say you're like me, and you finally get to go to a quilting store. You've got a hard copies of you favorite quilting books, dog-eared with the projects you want to make but are waiting for the *right*perfect*best* fabric.

You get to the quilting store. You find your perfect fabric for that one quilt in that one book. But how much fabric do you need? Was it a layer cake, or a jelly roll? The book is at home, because who wants to lug around dozens of books? You might get lucky and find a copy in the store. Or you're like me and do most of your fabric shopping online.

But what if you had all your books on your phone? How great would that be! See, awesome, isn't it?

Okay, I'll get off my soapbox. Still, it's pretty cool.

And look what else is available as a digital copy:

If I don't win one during the blog hop, I'm totally scoring a digital copy! Love Sherri's blog, and this book looks just as great!


  1. I am interested in that first book. I had no idea you were an introvert. Me too! I never have time to read though and by the time I do at night I just want to chill in front of the TV or go to sleep ya know!? lol

    I think I have the nook available on my Galaxy S3. Wonder how much it costs. hmmm...

  2. I'm an introvert too and I love that "Quiet" book. My Dad and my sister also have copies. It really is great. I was getting so impatient for the book release of Camille's new book that I almost bought an ebook but finally mine came in the mail. That is a good point though about not knowing how much fabric to buy and having it on the phone would be handy. I think I will buy Sherri's book for my tablet if I don't win an ebook in the blog hop. I enjoyed this post. :)

  3. oh, I need to get my hands on that first book! I was reading an article in a magazine on this topic while in a DR.'s waiting room awhile back, but wasn't able to finish.


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