10 June 2013

Make-A-List Monday: Lesson Learned

Sharpies are my friends. Had quite a few around when we were moving so I could label boxes.

Sharpies are my enemy when my 20-month-old finds them and decorates my sewing machine with them. Hairspray has done the best job of getting some of it off, but it's there to stay. I guess it's a good reminder to me to 1. not leave Sharpies down and 2. not leave my door open! If only I was the only one who needed to remember this!

Decorating my sewing machine was one thing. Make the quilt blocks I had been sewing together into rows "prettier" is another. Still, it's minimal and I'm keeping it as it is. Another lesson learned.

So here's my list for the week:
  • Finishing sewing together HGL Briar Rose flimsy
  • Layout my Cowgirl SW Taffy blocks so I can finish them
  • Play more with my Glamping Hexies!

I'm ever so grateful for the glorious thing called air conditioning. No more hot, miserable days with cranky kids and cranky mommy. If only the kids would remember about keeping the back door closed!

Have a lovely week! Linking up over at little and lots for the weekly "Let's Get Acquainted" linky party.

Plum and June


  1. I feel for you! I would be so, SO upset! Sharpies have resided on top of my microwave which is high up in my kitchen for years now. I had them beside the microwave on the shelf but they could be reached there I soon learned. I wanted them handy for labelling lunches and so on but they can't be too handy I guess.

  2. Aw, man, lesson learned the hard way (I hate when that happens). What about Magic Eraser or nail polish remover?

  3. Have you tried acetone on the Sharpie marks? Or, straight isopropanol? (Rubbing alcohol, which you're more likely to have around the house). I'm a chemist, and acetone (inadvertently) takes Sharpie off of my labeled items all the time.

    NOTE: Test each solvent on a small, non-exposed part of your machine first, to make sure it doesn't damage the surface!

    Good luck!

  4. My 2-year-old helpfully decorated my big, fancy rainbow zig quilt top with M&M drool. I only *think* it came out when I washed it. I didn't have the heart to look closely. The design choices of toddlers are not always the best, eh? ;) I'd use those blocks and not even think twice about it. Your hexies are quite pretty, too--lovely brights!

  5. Have you tried removing the stain on the sewing machine with some Alcohol? I was once at an airport with my colleagues and we had to make one of those old overhead pictures for a presentation (before power point age) and made an error with the overhead marker. I remember opening my taxfree Gordon's and use that on a tissue to remove it. :P GL

  6. Oh no! Try fingernail polish remover. Make sure it has acetone in it. Is should come off with a little elbow grease. GOOD LUCK!!

  7. Tooth paste gets marks off things (including skin) too--and the aftermath smells good regardless of whether or not it works. Good luck.

  8. Acetone will get that sharpie right off. So, nail polish remover. We use it at work all the time.

  9. I think I would cry if that happened to me! I hope the hints from the ladies above help you get rid of the sharpie!
    I love your hexagons. What fabric is it because it's just amazing. I can think of someone who'd love something made of that!

  10. Straight acetone might take off the paint on your machine or at least make it melt a little. Be careful. I would try a magic eraser or goo gone. Good luck.

  11. Oh no:( I bet you can get that sharpie out of your block. My son took one of my quilting gloves last week or something and brought it outside to play with. For what? I have no idea what a 5 yr old would want with that.

  12. I actually like your son's art! But try nail polish remover to get it off your machine.

  13. Not sure if this will work but to remove permanent marker from a whiteboard you go over it with a whiteboard marker and wipe immediately. Again, i'd try this on the bottom of the machine.


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