05 July 2013

3QFAL: Bring it on!

Okay, time to get all kinds of serious!

I wasn't finishing things up until now because I knew I was moving. I got flimsies done like crazy-cakes, but now it's time to get to work.

So things are getting done this quarter!

I figured I'd put it on the list and work my tail off to get it done. I might be bribing my sister-in-law for long-arm lessons so I can really crank them out. Here's hoping.

And so I give you THE LIST:
  • Sew Cherry Grannies - baste, quilt, bind (do you have to baste it when you use a long-arm? I have absolutely no idea!)
  •  PKM Pinwheels - baste, quilt, bind

  • London Scrappy Trips - baste, quilt, bind
  • PKM Scrappy Trips - baste, quilt, bind
  • Hello Sunshine Jacob's Ladder - baste, quilt, bind
  • Gypsy Girl Patchwork - baste, quilt, bind
  • Gypsy Girl Weekender bag
  • Cowgirl SW Taffy - baste, quilt, bind
  • Flirt 9-patch - baste, quilt, bind
  • Flirt Briar Rose - baste, quilt, bind
  • Lucy's Triangles - baste, quilt, bind
  • Ready Set Snow Matchbox - baste, quilt, bind
  • Easy as Cake - pick out stitching and start all over again!
  • Posy Kiss Me - baste, quilt, bind
  • Happy Go Lucky Briar Rose - borders (maybe), baste, quilt, bind
  • Christmas Stockings - cutting, piecing
  • Spider Web quilt - cutting, piecing, etc.
  • Crossroads PGB - baste, quilt, bind
  • Delft Blue Dutch Pinwheels - baste, quilt, bind
  • Glamping Hexies - piecing
  • Simple Life Dottie - finish sashing
  • Sunkissed Granny Squares - baste, hand-quilt, bind
  • Red String quilt
  •  Quite Contrary Kaleidoscope
  • Nightgowns for me
  • Nightgowns for my girl
  • Mama Said Sew D4 quilt
  • Posy Jewel Box quilt

  • Oh Cherry Oh Stripey HSTs
  • Glamping Trip quilt
  • Halloween Stitchery quilt
Will I get all of it done? Who knows. but I'm sure going to try!


  1. wow just wow. you are a bundle of energy. For long arm quilting I think you just sew round the edge to stabilize the quilt top.

  2. Like crazy, yes! That is the most impressive to-do and finished-flimsies list I have ever seen!
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com
    ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com

  3. Holy Moly! You have been busy! They are all gorgeous! Love your libery scrappy trip!

  4. What wonderful quilts!
    No, for long arm quilting you neither layer nor baste. They layering is done on the frame. It *is* a good idea to do some "stabilizing" stitching when it's on the frame and before an area is quilted--although some people don't do that step.
    Beautiful--and about to become even more beautiful.

  5. Holy Cow! Good for you! I have never longarm quilted but I just dropped a charity quilt top off at a longarm studio today in fact and they had big lettering on the window that said "no pinning, no basting". They rent the machines for people to quilt their quilts. So based on that I do not think you have to baste which is a good thing because you have many many quilts to quilt.

  6. Woah! I knew you'd been productive but to see it all together like this, just wow. No you don't baste for long arm. You have the top, batting and backing on rollers and then they feed them through evenly to the needle position. My favourite is the Happy Go Lucky Briar Rose. The red strings are going to look fab all together too.

  7. This is a crazy crazy list! I'm loving so many of your projects. The colors are just so fun and those patterns are fabulous. Good luck!

  8. This is why I will NEVER move....God forbid I find ALL of my UFO's!!! Best of luck. They are ALL worthy of finishing. Have SEW much fun!!! XXX

  9. thank you, thank you for helping me realise i am not alone. i pulled out all my quilt tops yesterday and was shocked to see there were. i don't think i am quite as ambitious as you but i am determined they will get done in 2013. my stack of ufos is just as bad. can't wait to see your progress.

  10. What an amazing list. Good luck!!

  11. Wow, that is an incredible list! Do you already have the backing for all of those or do you need to go shopping?


"The more things you do, the more you can do."

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