02 July 2013

Make-A-List Monday, er Tuesday: Time for a Break

It's hot here.

Okay, I don't live in Vegas. Or Phoenix. Or the Mojave Desert.

But we're not going to dip below 95 for at least 10 days. That's as far as I'm looking right now. And the next two days are going to be beastly hot.

So what do you do in lovely Boise, Idaho when it's beastly hot?

You float the river. You get an inner tube. You put on LOTS of sunblock (trust me, you don't want to forget this step). You park your car downriver and take the shuttle upriver. You float down the river for 3 hours. Super relaxing. Super fun. Do it on a non-holiday weekday and it's private and quiet.

That's what we're doing today, just me and my law student. Guests arrive Wednesday afternoon. Holiday celebrating going on all day Thursday. And just because we're awesome hosts, we float the river with our friends again on Friday. Yep, twice in one week!

Okay, but this is a quilting blog, so I'll not bore you with my oh-so-exciting plans for this week. I'll just bore you with the quilting ones.

What was I going to do last week? Let's do a re-cap, shall we?
  • Piece backs for all the quilts I have backs for (like 10ish)
Boy, I took names with this one! Wanna see?

Two bins overflowing with flimsies and their backs. Not very pretty to look at, but they are all pieced and ready for the long-arm. The fabulous Rachel is going to show me the ropes after things settle down from the fourth. Cannot wait, because she also scored me this monster:

30 yards of batting! I'm set for a while.
  • Layout and sew 3 more columns for Glamping hexies quilt
Done. I only had enough cut for 3 more columns after the three I did this week (please tell me that made some sort of sense?), so I cut a bajillion more.

Now I have enough to finish. This cutting project was unplanned, and led to a small bin full of 2.5" strips from the FQs, so I did some math, got busy and made this:

What do you think? My oldest girl has already claimed it as her summertime quilt. It might need another border to make it a smidge bigger. Thoughts? I've got the fabric, so it's do-able. I do like pieced borders now though. Maybe some piano keys?
  • Layout and sew Backyard Bugs patchwork quilt
Still just not feeling this one. Or maybe I just don't want a little person to come in and fix it for me. Probably that one. But I have enough for two baby quilts, so I'm going to get on this so I can finish a baby quilt for a friend at church who is having her first boy.
  • Finish Gypsy Girl Weekender Bag panels 
Nope. I looked at them, but I was busy with so many other things that it didn't happen. Soon though.
  • Make my 2 Bee Blocks
I'm stalling on this one, mostly because I want to see how many blocks I get so I know how many I need to make to finish a decent sized quilt. See - logical reasoning for procrastination! And what do you know, but 8 showed up this afternoon!
  • Get pictures for 3QFAL post
I did get this taken care of and will be ready to post it when the call comes. The list is long, but that shouldn't  be much of a surprise anymore, should it?

As for this week, I'm taking the week off. Because I've got cleaning and shopping and laundry and river floating to do before Wednesday. And cooking and baking and more cleaning. But I'm excited.

Have a lovely week! Hope you have fabulous plans for the fourth. Unless you aren't in America. Then, I just hope you have a nice Thursday sans fireworks. I'll post what pictures I can!


  1. I live in Boise too, and yesterday with it being 110 outside, I spent the day on the couch with fans blowing on me! Too hot even to sew! Enjoy your 4th of July and floating the great Boise River!

  2. I love the fabrics and colours you are using.
    I would add the same type of border on the trip-along quilt as you already have!
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com
    Ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com

  3. Wow, this makes me tired just reading it. Good for you for getting so much done. I echo the sentiment of the lazy river. We do the same when we visit the in-laws in Florida- a 4-mile/4-hour ride down crystal clear water. Though I'm sure you don't have to worry about alligators up there.

    I love your hexie quilt. I want it, and I want the scrappy quilt right under it too. There is so much work in both of those, and they look fantastic!!

  4. I live about 45 minutes west of Boise. I have never floated over there. I have heard it is fun. Great looking quilts. Try to keep cool. I am glad that it is cooling down a little. It has been way to hot!

  5. Oh please can I see pictures of river floating? That sounds divine in an a hot day. Australia gets hot like Nevada I think, but we're in the middle of a huge cold front with squalls and showers today. Brrr. I even got some sewing in!


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