19 July 2013

A little finish for Friday

I decided my little tablet needed a new cover. And my old Nook cover was in pretty sad shape too. So I picked out some faves and made these two:

I love them. Love the dandelions especially. My kids are convinced they are my favorite flower, and in a way, they are.

So those are my finishes. I'm working on my Glamping hexie quilt. Slowly plodding along with that, but it's over halfway done now, and that's awesome.

Also, thanks ever so to all those who are helping me with my basting issues. I'm going to give a few of your ideas a try. My law student is working on a lawsuit today, so I have to wait until next week for my day of basting, but it's coming! I will finish at least one quilt before July is over!

Linking up with Amanda Jean (who is so lucky to get to go on a retreat) and Sarah (who has made an adorable quilt for her granddaughter). Have a great weekend! I'm going to a quilt show with the amazing sister-in-law this afternoon. Should be fun!


  1. Well done! The fabric covered buttons are a nice touch!

  2. Very cool fabrics indeed! How nice to make covers that you will look at every day so can enjoy the fabrics. Good job!


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