30 August 2013

No, I didn't die!

Yikes! I've been absent a whole week. Hope no one thought my first 5k was the death of me.

I finished it in 28:33, so I at least set my benchmark to beat. It was lots of fun. Even better? Getting a bouquet of tulips from my husband (who'd been gone) and then having him get home LATE Friday night (he was supposed to be home Saturday afternoon) so he could come cheer my on. The man can drive me crazy at times, but the he kills me when he's awesome like that.

Okay. On to what I've been doing. Still running.

But I've been painting. I bought a dresser for myself, and a desk for my oldest girl to go in her room. Steep learning curve over here.

The desk is done (I figured I'd do hers first so if it's not perfect, no one is going to care). Well, the nobs need to be painted, but the big stuff is done.

My dresser is primed. Kinda giddy about this one, because it's going to be a lovely aqua. Surprise, surprise! Can't wait to start painting tomorrow morning. Early tomorrow morning so it can be all painted by noon, because it is still stinkin' hot here.

But here are the before pictures, just so this isn't completely picture-less:

By the way, neither one of those is my house, so don't think I have such a messy bedroom. Oh wait, I do!

And once I'm done with this awesomeness, I'm moving on to a chair. I found a wing back chair in great condition at a thrift store for cheap and I grabbed it before I thought twice. Ordered some awesome red polka dot fabric for it and I'll be recovering it to go in my room. Next to my aqua dresser. I might never leave my bedroom!


  1. Well done, Jennie - and I'm glad you didn't die! Looking forward to seeing what you do with the dressers. Bought some more chalk paint this week so will be sprucing up a few things myself ... such fun, isn't it?

  2. I definitely want to see the after pictures!!

  3. Oh I can't wait to see the after pictures. It will look awesome aqua! And red polka dot chair!


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Lucille Ball