06 September 2013

Ridiculously excited!

I'm going to Sewing Summit!

Did I just write that? Yep. I did.

I'm going to Sewing Summit!

All by myself, like a big girl. No kids. No husband. Just me and a quiet hotel room for three nights. Oh, who am I kidding. I'm going to miss them like crazy cakes. A little bit, anyway.

I scored a last minute ticket (someone broke her ankle) and it all just fell together. My husband is supportive. My mother-in-law will watch the kids for us while he's in school. I get to have dinner with my bestie in SLC. I get to sew all night long if I want (because of course I'm taking my machine to set up in my hotel room!). I cannot wait. It's my own little retreat.

I'll post tons o' pictures when I get back.

Okay, and I meant to have my dresser all done and photographed for you all. But darn it if we haven't had a thunderstorm almost every day this week (okay, not EVERY day, but close!). Humidity and paint are not the best o' friends, so I'm waiting until tomorrow afternoon to finish the drawer pulls, top three drawers and the mirror frame. Y'all, it is awesome. So very awesome.

But here is what I've been working on during thunderstorm week:

I got my bolts of white a while back, and had the yellow solid and thought "What the heck?" Seemed fitting to have this attitude while making an On A Whim quilt. And once again, Camille does not disappoint. Her pattern writing skills are superb. No confusion. I'm getting pickier about my patterns. I don't like it when they tell me I need 2 yards of something, and to cut it into 500 1-inch squares, but never tell me how many 1" strips will get me those squares. Just me?

Anywho. I'm gifting this quilt to the lovely lady who housed my law student for a week. She's the happiest lady I know, and Happy Go Lucky just fits her to a T.

Oh, and I'm finally going to go try out the long arm. This month. I'm on the schedule. It's going to happen.


  1. Wow, so many exciting things going on! I'm excited for you, it's all so very cool!

  2. Have a wonderful time at Sewing Summit - last year it was fun to hang out during open sew where the machines are all set up and you get to snoop on everyones projects but having your own sounds like a great set up too. Who needs a bed, right?

  3. I'm sure the Bernina room will be as amazing as the Baby Lock room last year, you can see some pictures http://pinterest.com/BabyLock/baby-lock-at-sewing-summit/


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