04 October 2013

Friday Flimsy Finish

I've been a bit busy, even with the concussion. I just haven't blogged much. I'm still working on a fabulous location to photograph my quilts. Over the fence is getting kinda old for me. So share - what fabulous quilt pictures do you love? Me, I love Camille Roskelley's. But I'll need her house first.

Yeah, that's not happening.

But still, what are your thoughts?

Okay, on to the finished flimsies:

Here's my spider web quilt for Halloween. I used this tutorial on Moda Bake Shop, but, as per usual, I tweaked it, made it bigger, and I plan on backing it in purple Minky. Surprise, surprise!

I've been working on these Dottie quilts for my girls for quite a while. Finally got the sashing done, but they are getting a couple three borders because they are just too small! Still, love this fabric line. And when you love a fabric line, you should get the yardage you need early, because you can't find the stuff you want when you want it. This I know! Borders are on order, will arrive next week, and will get on!

Now, this Kaleidoscope quilt is almost embarrassing to show.

I started it, um, 2 1/2 years ago. When I found out I was having another baby girl, after three boys, I went a little crazy. Wanted to make her a quilt, and I meant to make one for a friend who was having her first girl. I got the blocks done, but when it came time to applique on the circles, I was burnt out. My Juki is not made to do fancy stitches. I wanted a fancy satin stitch. So it got shelved.

Until the planets aligned, I got my Sewing Summit ticket, and Bernina provided me with a couple of hours of free sewing. I used up a couple of bobbins (hope they didn't mind!), but I got those circles appliqued on and pieced the top.

This girl will also be getting some border treatment, because I want it bigger.

Is that all? Lemme go check!

I never showed a final shot of this flimsy I finished last month, so here you go.

Going scrappy was fun for me. I've got a plan for the rest of my scraps.

Linking up with Amanda Jean and Sarah - it's been a while!

That's all for now, except I will share this one last little thing. I went to the Josh Groban concert on Wednesday night with my oldest girl. I've never been to one before - always been pregnant or nursing a baby when he went on tour, so this was a long-awaited treat for me.

Loved it. Loved every minute of it. Loved Judith Hill, his opening act and duet partner through the show. Loved the seats I got (thank you awesome law student husband for the amazing Mother's Day gift!).  Loved sharing it with my daughter, who's been a fan since she was about 3 years old. AND he sang her very favorite song, which is an old one for him, but one of his best. ("Vincent," for the record).

Here he is singing "The Prayer" with Judith Hill. Someone in the audience recorded it, and I'm so glad they did. She is an amazing singer and I will continue to follow her career.


  1. Wow....what an amazing amount of work...just incredible. Love them all. Thanks for sharing Congrats Marie (mlismore@optusnet.com.au)

  2. Those dottie tops are delightful!! And best of luck with the borders -- I'm sure they'll look great whatever you come up with!

  3. Love your finishes. The Dottie Quilt is beautiful, the Halloween Quilt is fun, and the Kaleidoscope quilt looks wonderful. I also love the colors in your scrappy quilt. Nice work.

  4. I love your quilts especially the kaleidoscope. Mostly thank you for the video, it brought me to tears so I listened again, and again tears. It was a great connection between both singers, and me.
    LeeAnna Paylor


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