04 November 2013

Make-A-List Monday: Birthday week!

I did get quite a bit done last week. Even with Halloween and the start of birthday week. Remember? All I was working on was my Christmas string quilt. Here's my progress so far:

I'm making the final push this week! I want this top done!

Today is my middle child's 6th, so I've got a cake to make today for him (yellow with chocolate), then another for my eldest son's 8th on Wednesday (chocolate with chocolate). Which means not a whole lot of sewing will be happening until Thursday. Some, but not a lot.

Still, I've got to work on something. So I'm going to pull out our Christmas stockings and work on those. I've got just two more to do:

I'm using Camille's pattern, only I'm enlarging it. Every stocking is a different HSTs pattern and I'm having lots of fun with them. I've got to embroider the names on the cuff pieces before I can finish them. And figure out what I'm backing and lining them in. Still, it will be nice to have part of this finished!

I'll also get that string quilt top finished. I've got the white and red cut for sashing and borders, so it's just a matter of sneaking in some sewing now and again. I think I can do it. That's ambitious enough, right?

Nah! Let's add more to the list! I've also got the border fabrics cut for my Quite Contrary Kaleidoscope. Maybe I'll get those strawberries for the corners pieced and those borders on.

And then I've got to get those borders done on my Glamping Trips quilt. Another flimsy that needs to be finished already.

Have a fun week! What are you working on?


  1. I love the strings quilt, the sashing and cornerstones add a wonderful element to the quilt

  2. Wow lots of birthday celebrating going on! Hope you are able to enjoy every minute with your kids!

  3. I LOVE that string quilt!! How wide are your strips??

  4. Those stockings look like fun, Jennie - bet they get filled with all sorts of goodies :)

  5. Happy Birthday times Two in one week !! I love cake, esp yellow with choc icing-lovely to meet another who favors that combo. Happy Sxth fellow cake-loving buddy. Six is one of the best ages Ever. Eight is Great tho too. You will be busy busy busy this week with all that loving going down.

    I love what you've done with the Christmas Strings-they look super with the sashing and the little corner squares. And those stockings-HST designs are among my most fun things to play with when I am feeling jaunty; the stockings are So Cute.

  6. Your red and white string quilt is beautiful!


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