06 November 2013

WIP Wednesday: Falling Hard for Swoon Blocks!

Shhh. Don't tell on me, but I actually got some sewing done. Yesterday was my non-birthday day this week. Today is the last birthday, but I had to do some patch sewing for my new little cub scout.

Okay, I bagged it and bought the Badge Magic, which was so much easier! Badge Magic is your friend!

But then I figured I was already in the sewing room, and I should get something done. And done I did!

No, I haven't neglected my string quilt. Got it all pieced together with the sashing and the first white border. But honestly, even I'm getting bored looking at it. I won't do that to you! Once I get the red border and the last white border, you'll get a finished flimsy. I might even iron it!

No, my WIP today is this:

I'm late to the party (story of my life), but I. LOVE. THESE. BLOCKS. I'm using Scrumptious prints paired with the Scrumptious solids and I can't wait to do more!

Seriously. How awesome are they?

I'm also working on some fun stuff.

Sorting scraps for Scrappy Sundays. Read more about it here. Jennifer got a head start because she doesn't have three kids' birthdays this week! I'm playing catch up (story of my life), but I don't mind. It's not a race.

I need another WIP like I need, well, another WIP. But this one is going to be ongoing until it's the size I want it to be. And frankly, I want some space back in my house!

Linking up! See you Friday - I have another finish for you!

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  1. Beautiful swoon block. I have been wanting to make a swoon quilt forever, but I'm waiting until I can decide on what fabric. Also, the scrap quilts look like fun! After the holidays I think I'm going to start working on my scraps too!

  2. beautiful swoon block. I am going to start one soon.

  3. Scrumptious is.......Well Scrumptious!!!! I can see why you LOVE it!

  4. Love the swoon block. I haven't made any yet but yours is gorgeous!

  5. They truly are an amazing block! Yours look fabulous!

  6. Swoooooooon! Love them too but whereas you were late arriving at the party, Jennie, I haven't even turned up! Fear the party will be over, the guests will have gone home and the clearing up will have begun before I get to join in with this one! Your swoon block is fabby. Looking forward to seeing your scrappy blocks ... as and when :)


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