04 January 2014

4QFAL Finish: Pam Kitty Morning Scrappy Trips!

I've heard that the best way to cure a hangover is to take a little nip in the morning. Not being a drinking person AT ALL, I wouldn't know this for fact, but I have made a sewing comparison.

The best way to cure a Christmas sewing hangover is, apparently, to binge on finishes. It's working out well for me I guess. I honestly don't much feel like doing something new until I get this stuff finished. That's a great thing, in my book.

This is the second quilt I finished yesterday at my sis-in-law's house. My Pam Kitty Morning Scrappy Trips. I blogged about it many moons ago as I was making these blocks.

Y'see, I can't do scrappy. My OCD brain does not handle it all very well. I love looking at the finished products of others, but I can't put it together myself. I'm working on it, baby step at a time, but for now, this is me and I'm happy with it.

So here is my not-so-scrappy trip around the world quilt. I chose to do it in one big diamond for one big reason - those green squares. They were so very dark compared to the rest of the fabrics that they caught your eye no matter where they were. I figured I'd just work with it instead of against it, and put them dead center. I like how it turned out.

Quilted all over in loops and swirls (donuts in the Ferrari again, but who cares?).

And washed and ready to snuggle. The winter here has started out awfully cold, so these finishes will come in handy. Crossing it off my 4QFAL list! I like this bonus week!

And now, a quick question - anyone ever put double batting in a quilt before? I'm contemplating it for my husband's London quilt, but am a little nervous. He likes heavy quilts, so it might be perfect. But I don't want disastrous. At all!


  1. Yes to the double batting. You need to do some practice pieces though to get your tension right.

  2. Smart decision to make the green the focal point! It does draw your eye, but in a good way. I understand the scrappy problem - it took me a while to get into the idea of scrappy, and I still like just knowing everything works when I pull out a charm pack.

  3. I've done it--it was very thick batting too, and a tied quilt I made for my then toddler. It tore over several washes. I'm not sure what a more conservative approach would result in. I love your scrappy quilt!

  4. What could be wrong with doubling the batting? I hand tie my quilts and that would work as well with however many layers you use, no? I think it's a great idea to double up if that's what he prefers. I used thrifted fleece blankets for batting on Diamonds in the Corners and then backed with a white flannel hospital blanket; it's heavy and warm like no other in my pile.

  5. I am so in love with this quilt!!!! It is just fabulous!

  6. Hi, The quilt turned out wonderful. I have made one quilt with double batting. It was my double wedding ring. I also did a LOT of quilting on it so in my opinion it turned out a little stiff but I still really really liked it. I would do it again. I used Hobb's 80/20 and Warm and White. My long-arm friend swears by wool so I am considering doing 80/20 and wool next time on something semi-not-important. Then wash it and see how it turns out? So much to experiment with and so little time ;) Anyway, I bet it feels good to get a few finishes for the beginning of this year! The briar rose was equally wonderful. Keep em coming.

  7. I do double batting all the time. I'm not sure if it is me, but most of the batting I am buying seems so thin. They stick together really well and I like the weight of it. I mostly use cotton battings.

  8. I love this quilt. I am planning on doing one later this year in pastels with a white center. I like the idea a trying a sample double bat. If it works, you should go for it. I also wonder at the definition f scrappy. This quilt has more than 30 fabrics. Doesn't that make it scrappy? It is just a controlled scrappy.

  9. Gorgeous! Just gorgeous - what a wonderful array of colours!

  10. Hello Jennie,

    Beautiful, gorgeous quilt. The green in the middle holds it all together, and the backing and binding are perfect.

    How do you manage to take photos outside with out getting it grubby?

    Love from ridiculously muddy England,

  11. Scrappy and ad lib hurts my brain too! Your finish looks great. I'm hoarding some Pam Kitty fabric, just waiting for the right thing.


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